Is English boring or bad? The cowardly performance of the champions left the experts sad game

European Football Championship on Yle channels 14.6.–14.7. Go to the competition website from this link.

Champions of European football, England continue to deceive the experts.

There are four points from two matches, so all is well as far as the next place is concerned. However, many things are wrong behind the results. Can’t talk about concrete progress.

– In England, opening, pressing, building and breaking the game. Security is very passive. Yes, now it’s time for the big questions, Yle Urheilu’s expert Juho Randala lateli during the break of the Denmark-England match on Thursday.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Just like in the tournament opener against Serbia, England took a quick lead. However, Denmark reacted more timidly than Serbia. After that, the Danes’ success was at least as great as England’s.

Highlights of the match between Denmark and England.

Captain Harry Kane It turns out that England players don’t know what to do in every situation.

– With the ball and without the ball we are in trouble. There was no pressure in either match. “Everybody falls down to their level in terms of controlling the ball and playing under pressure,” Kane said According to British mediaBut he recalled England’s 0-0 draw against Scotland in the group stages of previous games before marching to the final.

Yle Sports Expert Miika Nuutinen During the competition he focused on events outside of TV films. Players try to solve each other’s problems during game breaks, but with poor results. The defense was generally good, but the attack was strong after the quick opening goal.

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– England players come from teams with super players who create solutions in small moments, but play is organised. They are provided with frames. Now I often see player meetings, handshakes and tense discussions. This leaves a picture of a loosely organized group that is not collectively strong, says Neutinen on Friday morning’s 11 Friends podcast.

Style points are not awarded in value matches, so steady progress towards the finals goes a long way. However, England do not offer a match for quality, which is adequate in its composition, especially in the attacking direction.

– Coaches’ job is to create structures and help players be the best version of themselves. Somehow the structure of England’s game is diminishing, and the team is no more than the sum of the individuals. There’s more quality on the pitch, they can get more out of each other, Tony Gorkegunnas said.

– As a football fan it is very sad. There’s a lot of talent out there, but we can’t see what it will be.

Experts unravel the UK’s problems at Break Studios.

Head coach Gareth Southgate With about 20 minutes left in the match against Denmark, it was trying to take every inch. England made three substitutions, whereby the entire attacking trio was replaced at the same time to break the deadlock.

The difference between the performance of the best individuals between the club team and the national team surprised Randala.

– On paper, England has the elite players in the world, the best players in the best leagues. At the moment, the best players in the world are playing such football. Yes, little more is expected from them, Randala wondered.

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Experts agree that a tired and scared sports appearance is a bad disappointment. Southgate is yet to reach his full potential.

– Think about what you did at your club. You are really good players. Come back and show how good you are, Randala announced his message to the England team.

England head coach Gareth Southgate instructs the players. Kua: Getty Images

The final matches of Group C will be played on Tuesday. England then face Slovenia, who have played to two draws. Denmark take on Serbia, who opened the scoring with a 1-1 draw against Slovenia.

Paulus Arajuri was surprised by Denmark’s striking ability against England.

England’s four points from two matches would be enough for a play-off spot, the minimum target for the group stage. France, another huge champion favourite, will be playing their second match tonight when they face the Netherlands, having beaten Austria on an own goal in the first round.

The winner of the reciprocal match clings to the Group D victory. Star of France Kylian Mbappe He suffered a broken nose in the closing stages of the match against Austria, but was seen wearing a protective mask at the training ground on Thursday. So, Mbappé could play.

– Holland left the question marks, this is a very big test for them. France plays practical football, but you mustn’t leave the TV for a second. France may seem lazy, but suddenly things start to happen and then we are very hard, Yle Urheilu’s expert Marcus Hulsty 11 Friends says on the podcast.

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Hosts Germany and Spain have already secured their places after beating Italy in the top-flight on Thursday night.

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