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MEP Teuvo Hakkarainen He tried to become the centre’s European election candidate before switching to the independent unionist candidate Evening news.

– Yes, I tried to be a centrist candidate for the European elections. However, they said from there that the lists were already full, Hakkarainen complained to the press.

Party Central Secretary Andy Siaka-Ahon According to Hakkarainen and the central party leadership, there have been no official discussions on the matter.

– Hakkarainen has never been in contact with the party leadership at any stage, and we have never been in contact with him. Last time I had a practically full roster, I overheard someone vaguely saying that Hakkari himself wanted to compete from the central roster. At that time, we didn’t even begin to consider the matter, says Chiaka-Aho There is:lle.

Basic fins The EU did not accept Hakkari as a candidate for the elections, so he is running as a non-committal candidate from the list of the smaller party Free Union.

On Monday, Member of Parliament M Timo Vornanen And Hakkarainen has been removed from the membership of the Basic Finns party. The party government decided last Thursday.

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