“It causes a completely unnecessary twist and confusion” – Päivä Råsenen’s actions in implementing the liquor law angered the assembly | principle

Parliament’s Social and Health Committee is proposing to reject the new liquor law. Apart from the opposition members, Päivä Rasanen from the Christian Democratic Party supports it.

Matias Marttinen, chairman of the coalition’s parliamentary committee, commented on Päivi Räsänen’s activities.

Christian Democratic Party Member of Parliament Byvi Rasanan Proceedings of the Liquor Act Kismitas committee hearing in the Assembly.

Parliament’s Social and Health Committee proposes rejecting the new liquor law. The law change would, among other things, bring stronger beers and ciders to grocery stores.

Apart from the opposition representatives in Thursday’s meeting, Rasanan supported the rejection statement.

The health and safety committee is due to decide on the report’s approval on Friday. And this decision can be extended till next week.

Razanan has made it clear that he does not support the government’s proposal.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Alliance Matias Marttinen Rasanen is angered if he votes against the government’s proposal in committee.

– If Räsänen acts like that in the committee, of course our group will not like it, Marttinen commented in the parliament in the afternoon.

Christian Democrats are free to vote against the proposed liquor law agreed in government talks.

Päivi Räsänen considers that freedom applies to the implementation of the entire law.

“I intend to vote against this motion at every stage,” he commented earlier.

– It would be very inconsistent if the same person voted differently in the committee and in the hall.

The government’s proposal may still go ahead

Even if a majority of the Health and Safety Committee supports rejecting the government’s proposal, the proposal could still be approved. It may proceed through the objection procedure in full session.

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According to Matias Marttinen, if the bill was rejected in the health and safety committee, the matter was reviewed with the parliamentary committees of the ruling parties.

– By objection, the matter shall be put to a vote in the Grand Chamber and thereafter referred to the Grand Committee. Martinen said that a majority of parliament, namely members of parliament from the ruling parties, would vote for the law to take effect.

– But this move by the representative causes unnecessary diversion and confusion in the group, he adds.

According to Päivi Räsänen, she is not alone in the ruling parties who want to reject the law reform.

Martinen says he doesn’t know this.

– Our group supports this motion and other motions brought in Parliament by the government.

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