It starts raining and there is no end in sight

Warm winds from the west will push readings on the West Coast warmer today Wednesday. In other parts of central and southern Finland, it is 25 degrees.

Northern Finland is still cold. Leveling creams below 15 degrees. Day by day, more and more summer readings reach more and more of Lapland.

– Tomorrow’s map will be beautiful. 20 degrees and rain across the country – not too hot, but it will be warmer in the west, the weatherman says Liisa Rintaniemi.

Weather will be mild and breezy later in the week.

– Rintanemi says the sun warms up nicely at this time of year.

He pointed out that the possibility of forest and forest fires is now a reality. Thunderstorms on Saturday could also fuel the fires.

Current weather maps show no signs of an end to the heat pipe.

– For at least one week, the temperature will be measured every day somewhere in Finland.

According to Rintaniemi, the heat wave is likely to continue until June.

Where and when are the biggest heat readings this week? In the article’s video, see the forecast for the entire weekend in Finland.

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