Janita Auto took a photo of a Ruizrock visitor two years ago – and everyone knows the woman pictured today

Artist Mirella, 19, fulfilled her biggest dream and took to the stage several times this year in Ruizrac.

Mirella attended the Emma Gala earlier this year. Timo Korhonen / AOP

Famous photographer Janitha Auto posted a nostalgic memory of Ruizrock on her Instagram account. Auto’s photo series shows how quickly the artist Mirella rose to fame.

– I caught a picture of Toga in Ruizrock two years ago, right after Mirella performed at Randlava! Go to the very beautiful and talented Mirella, Auto writes in his publication.

Auto reveals the background of the image in more detail in Instagram’s Stories section. Two years ago, Mirella was a festival goer to others. Instagram Stories are visible for 24 hours from the moment they are published.

– Mirella was in the front row at Neetilava and I wanted to capture that moment. I didn’t know who he was then, but we found each other through Instagram, Auto reveals.

The first in the photo series is Ruizrock performed by Mirella last weekend. The second, black-and-white picture of the photo series, two years ago, Mirella appeared only on the side of the festival audience.

If the output is not visible, you can view it From this link.

Mirella also shared the photo on her own Instagram.

– Two years ago, when I was in Ruizrock for the first time, Zenitha took this picture. Who would have guessed that a couple of years later, I would be in Randlava myself?! Mirella tells a story.

Mirella gained huge popularity with its release in January this year diamond tea –In a victory. The 19-year-old artist currently tops the Finnish Top 50 chart of music streaming service Spotify, which he co-created with Larry Havi. trust me-With a song.

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Janitha Auto is also known as a blogger. Algae Leasima/il

The artist’s Instagram shows that acting in Ruizrak is his biggest dream. The dream came true last Sunday.

– I can’t stand being in Ruizrock, Mirella says from the stage in a video released by Auto.

Mirella was seen on stage several times during the festival, as the artist’s Instagram has pictures of her on stage with Larry Howie and Kuma Band.

If the output is not visible, you can view it From this link.

Photographer Janita Atio has photographed Ruizrak before, among others, taking the iconic photo of Prime Minister Sanna Marini at the ceremony.

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