Journalist Larry Nurmi Says Guns Are Too Little Talked About After School Shooting In Vanda | Homeland

Yle reporter Tuomas Rimpiläinen, who visited the Last Word project, says the media is looking for quick and simple answers to school shootings.

According to journalist Lauri Nurme, the gun debate hits an important place in Finnish identity.

Bullying has come into sharp focus after the Vanda school shooting. Police said the suspect's motive was related to bullying. According to Yle, the background is specifically school bullying.

Author of Iltalethi Larry Nurmi According to the investigation of the case, the availability of weapons should be discussed further. According to him, attention should be paid to whether the attitude to guns in Finland is generally on a healthy basis.

– I have a positive attitude towards the weapons used in the hunting hobby, but it is a place for critical reflection, says Nurmi in Viminen Sana program why are you allowed to keep handguns in cities and ordinary houses in Finland.

Yle's crime and justice reporter Tuomas Rimpiläinen Talk of guns and bullying shows how the media is looking for quick and easy answers. Many important questions about school shootings remain unanswered.

Rimpilinen recalls that in 2007, after the Jokela school massacre, there was concern that the debate about weapons would draw attention away from the real problems.

Professor of Communication Johanna Sumiala The University of Helsinki confirms that bullying has come to the fore especially after the events in Vantaa. The debate on weapons is also difficult because, for example, NATO membership has specifically emphasized the security brought about by weapons. Now school guns frame guns as a threat, he reflects.

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How has coverage of school shootings progressed? Watch the full broadcast of The Last Word About Yle Areena.

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