Juhani Tamminan needs wife’s help in daily matters

The ice hockey player tells Siska that he is living a quiet home life these days.

Juhani Tamminan is known as Surya Raja by all. Photo taken in 2019 Henry Carcainan

Stop Interviewed hockey personality Juhani Tamminen He says that his life was mostly confined to domestic conditions.

With Surya Raja In years past the man had an even bigger media role during the World Ice Hockey Championships, but in recent years the man has not been seen on ice hockey broadcasts.

Tamminen tells Siska that he has reduced his work duties with a heavy hand. Tamminen no longer organizes trainings around Finland and has left his own business premises in the center of Turku.

– Well, mostly we are Marin Together, Tamminen says.

In Siska’s interview, Tamminan’s wife Mari is always by his side. She sees what her husband is saying and stops her.

The story also mentions Tamminan’s old practices, of which the morning sauna is one.

Sometimes the sauna is turned on, but you forget to go there.

– Snoring on the sofa after turning on the sauna has happened quite often. Mari Tamminan says in an interview that when I turn on the sauna two or three times in a row and it doesn’t go there, at current electricity prices, I must be a bad wife who remembers things.

Mari Tamminan is responsible for running the daily life of the family.

– Tommy and I get along comfortably, Marie designs.

Seiska says Tommy drops facts off a pharmacy shelf when he’s eager to reminisce about the old days, but when it comes to Lions games and the right channel, the hockey legend often turns to his wife.

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