Jukka Jalonen pulled an ace up his sleeve – an immediate bad outcome

Zukuri's stars were struck in a single chain at Leijon.

Becca Jormaka (front) scores the opening goal of the Lions' World Cup camp. EPA/AOP

Lions WC Camp started with a win. Finland defeated Latvia 3–2 in the first practice match.

Head coach Jukka Jalonen Michaeli Zukuri immediately pulled an ace up his sleeve when he included league stars in the same attacking joke. They formed a second chain Patrick Bustola, Consta Helenius And Becca Jormaka.

The solution seemed absolutely genius in the opening set. Finland took a 1-0 lead when Jormakka was able to finish from the field. Bustola et al Sambo Beach.

Then the Jugurid chain struck even with five. Jormaka played to the end, Helenius crossed in front of goal and Bustola finished.

Latvia did not give up. In the second period it went all the way to the end of the goal. In the third Roberts Kalkissin A furious wrist shot overwhelmed the lion guard Lassie Lehtinen Change the numbers again to 2-2 through the top bar.

Practice match or not, the Latvian crowd didn't leave their team, but flocked to the Riga arena. Judging by the TV footage, there are hardly any empty benches in the hall.

Finland won in extra time. He scored the winning goal Sebastian Repo. Puestola was awarded the best lion of the tournament.

– It was difficult to go in the hall. “We played well, even though we actually managed to take care of the game already at game time,” Helenius, who made his A national team debut, told Discovery.

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Finland will face Latvia again on Thursday.

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