Krista Pharmakoski, who is seeking a divorce, opened up about her romance on MTV.

The Squire star opened up about her marriage on MTV’s show.

Krista Pharmakoski took to Instagram Sunday evening to announce that she and her husband are separating. Algal Leasma

Krista Pharmakoski Recently visited MTV Stars vs. Google In the project. The idea behind the popular program was to answer questions about the episode’s guests that confused people on Google.

The episode asks about Pharmakoski’s wife Tommy from Pharmakoski. Squire took to Instagram on Sunday evening to say that she and her husband are filing for divorce.

The show asked the sports star what quality he loved about his wife.

– Tommy is not the typical Finnish bitter or depressed type. He has seen a lot of life, so he has a lot of life experience and happiness. That’s when I fell in love, said Pharmakoski.

The couple has deliberately avoided appearing together in public.

– You won’t find many pictures of us together. When we started dating, we jointly decided not to give joint interviews, said the skier from Igalis.

Pärmäkoski hopes to have children one day.

– My work is challenging to connect children with it. Maybe take maternity leave sometime, but we decided to live our lives first and see later.

Krista Pärmäkoski, Will your career last until 2026? Mati matikainen

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