Labor comes to power – no money, but even more confidence | Brief message

Door-to-door polls show Britons are hoping for change in the Labor party, writes Yle’s London correspondent Kirsi Crowley.

Labor leader Keir Starmer promised to change the British people, and the promise seems to have paid off. Photo: Magazine Photo

Analysis Labour’s vote in door-to-door polls came as no surprise, but the news certainly left many Britons emotional. The party will get 410 seats in the 650-member parliament. This is a historical result, a true record.

This election has gone to the heart of the British people. After 14 years in power, the conservatives managed to tarnish their reputation.

First, by celebrating the fact that during Covid, people have been ordered to isolate themselves in their homes. On top of that came the energy crisis, rising food and housing prices and the dilapidated state of public health, a British treasure.

A short-lived Prime Minister cannot be forgotten Liz TrusiaIt fixed the economy at a rapid pace.

A door-to-door survey is only a forecast, but reliable. So we have to wait till morning for final results. And yet, during the campaign, it was not about whether Labor would win the election, but about how big its vote would be.

Labor has not confirmed where it will find the money to fix Britain, but Britons are putting their faith in the party.

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