Lewis Hamilton makes F1 history! Final stage at Silverstone

In the 12th race of the F1 season, we saw a huge championship battle where the Mercedes star took pole position in qualifying. George Russell He had to make an emergency stop on the 34th lap of the race.

McLaren’s British driver Lando Norris Looked like a winner for a long time, but Max Verstappen At the end of his wedge on the hard tyres, he finished second as Hamilton cruised to victory.

Valtteri Bottas Opened the race in 16th place but slowly dropped down after the start. The Finnish driver still finished 14th as the rain made it difficult for many drivers.

MTV Urheilu follows the match moment by moment in this article.

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52/52 Rounds:
1. Hamilton
2. Verstappen
3. Norris
4. Plates
5. Signs

14. Potas

Paint! Hamilton makes F1 history! Lewis Hamilton has won his ninth race at Silverstone – the most ever achieved by any driver at one track. At the same time, Hamilton’s 2.5-season winless streak ends. His previous win came in December 2021 in Saudi Arabia.

Verstappen approached greedily but was not fast enough to pass the British star who was booed by the home crowd. Norris comes in third, while Piastre and Sainz round out the top five. Bottas finished 14th.

Round 52/52: The Czech flag flies! Verstappen drives the fastest lap and the gap to Hamilton is reduced to 2.4 seconds!

Round 50/52: Two more rounds! Verstappen is three seconds behind Hamilton. Will the British driver continue?

Lap 49/52: Verstappen passes Norris for second! Hard tires pay!

Round 48/52: Hamilton catches Norris! The difference is only 0.4 seconds!

Round 47/52: If Hamilton maintains his lead and wins the race, he will become the first driver in F1 history to win the race at the same circuit no fewer than nine times. Hamilton has eight wins at Silverstone.

Round 45/52: Verstappen reports damage to the left side of Norris and Hamilton’s cars at the front. His speed is dizzying…

1. Hamilton
2. Norris (+2.1s above)
3. Verstappen (+4s above)

Round 43/52: Verstappen tightens his grip on the harder tires and sets a fast lap. Ten rounds to go…

Round 41/52: Piastre, who finished fourth, is wearing medium alloy tires, giving him the quickest lap at least for a while. McLaren driver Verstappen has a gap of ten seconds.

Round 40/52: Hamilton tops the race! Norris is second after visiting the pits. Both are on soft tires while Verstappen, who is third, is on hard tires.

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Round 38/52: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen rock and roll. Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz continue with intermediate wheels. Now let’s see whose tactics work and whose fail.

Round 34 of 52: George Russell is out! Huge disappointment for the British driver when his car suffered a technical fault that sent him to the pits in front of the home crowd. Russell started the race from pole position after a great qualifying session but now has to retire.

Round 33/52: While there is still water on the track at some places, part of the track is dry. When will the first drivers dare to switch to dry weather tires? The results can decide who will ultimately win the race.

Round 31/52: Every driver now rides on intermediate tires. The rain is expected to continue for more than 10 minutes, which means at least six rounds. Here are the top ten places right now:

1. Norris
2. Hamilton
3. Verstappen
4. Russell
5. Signs
6. Plates
7. Hulkenberg
8. Stroll
9. Alonso
10. Tsunoda

Round 30/52: Oscar Piastre is far behind. Sergio Perez, 17th, took six seconds to change a tire with a minor problem.

Round 29/52: Lando Norris takes the top spot for himself again. Max Verstappen has now moved up to third and Carlos Sainz to fifth. At the same time, it is reported that rain is expected to continue till the 40th round!

Round 28/52: Now the pit is rumbling. Norris and Hamilton drive first to change their tyres. Piastre jumps up, but for how long? Verstappen, on the other hand, has moved up to fourth after a timely change.

Round 27/52: Piastre was in the lead behind Norris, the difference being less than a second. On the contrary, the rain is approaching, there is no room for mistakes…

Round 25/52: Smart solutions with pit stops are needed now. It is reported that the rain will continue soon and will continue for half an hour.

Round 24/52: TRS wings are again used when the race is found to be dry after the first rain front. However, the rain is expected to continue in a few minutes…

Round 22/52: At the same time, Bottas has made a splash. The Finn, who was last at the start, moved up to 15th as drivers changed tires to cope with the rain.

Round 20/52: Norris rocked up and Piastre took second! A tasty move from McLaren and a double lead. The Mercedes pair are now struggling on a rain-soaked track!

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Round 18/52: Hamilton tops! Russell drops back and takes the next corner long as the drizzle makes conditions difficult for the drivers. Norris seizes the opportunity and gets past Russell for second!

Round 17/52: Piastre ahead of Verstappen! Both McLaren drivers leave the Dutch star with beautiful passes. Hamilton, on the other hand, is right on Russell’s heels.

Round 15/52: Norris is back in third place! British flags fly as Norris opens his rear wing and takes a clean pass from Verstappen. Fastest lap at the same time for the McLaren driver.

Round 14/52: Leclerc moves up again, overtaking Stroll to take seventh.

Round 13/52: Bottas tried from the bottom to climb over teammate Zhou for 18th place. Zhou drives to the pits to change his soft tires to medium wheels as rain approaches.

Round 12/52: Verstappen receives information on his radio that the first rain will last five minutes, followed by a ten-minute dry window before the heavy downpour.

Round 9/52: Mercedes is on a big offensive. Russell leads by 1.6 seconds, Hamilton 2 seconds ahead of Verstappen. Let’s see how the weather conditions affect the driving of the British duo.

Round 9/52: According to TV graphics, rain is expected in ten minutes.

Round 6/52: Verstappen receives information on his team radio that rain is expected on the sixteenth lap. So far, dry weather has been favourable.

Round 4/52: Russell overtook Hamilton by 1.3 seconds. Verstappen is 1.4 seconds behind Hamilton, while Norris is within a second of the Red Bull star.

Round 4/52: Pierre Gasly’s race canceled due to gearbox problem, Alpine confirms. At the same time, Bottas dropped to the last 19th place in the race.

Round 3/52: Haas’ Nico Halkernberg started the race in sixth place but dropped to sixth during the opening laps.

Departure! George Russell started brilliantly and maintained his pole position in the first corners. Instead, Max Verstappen passed Lando Norris and got up immediately. Charles Leclerc moved up from 11th to eighth, while Valtteri Bottas dropped two places to 18th.

At 17.03: Pierre Gasly drives to the pits after the warm-up.

5:02 pm: Rain warning! Helicopter footage shows significant rain approaching the runway. The big question is when. If the wind changes its direction, it may cross the path and blow rain clouds.

At 17:00: The warm-up round is underway! Starting from the pits, Perez starts the race with hard tyres, Ocon and Chow on soft. The rest have decided to start with medium alloy wheels.

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At 16:59: The British GP is about to start! Who wins? Will Hamilton end his long winless streak? Will the British continue to the top three pole positions? Will Norris and Verstappen clash again?

At 16:54: Max Verstappen, who will start from fourth, is 81 points behind Lando Norris, who will start in third today.

At 16:47: The National Anthem begins and the match is about to begin.

4:43 PM: Max Verstappen’s car has undergone a significant overhaul: the bottom plate of the Dutch driver’s car has been replaced with a completely new one.

– It will be a tough battle, Mercedes and McLaren are very tough. Verstappen commented before the race that we are in it and the race should be fun.

At 16:39: Williams has tuned his car for the British GP with beautiful details. The car is painted with a British flag, emblazoned with the names of 1,005 permanent employees.

4:32 PM: Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton starts the race from second place and comments on the historic British setting of the approaching start.

– I am very proud to be in the top three with George and three Britons. Competition will be fierce. Lando (Norris) and Max (Verstappen) are very fast. “We don’t know what their race pace will be, but we’re working as a team to try to get ahead of them,” Hamilton said.

At 16:27: Currently the weather is partly cloudy. A dry race is expected at Silverstone, although a small amount of rain is expected at start time.

4:22 PM: Star player of the Finland national football team Glenn Camara Max Verstappen poses before warm-upswith. Leeds United, represented by Kamara, recently signed a new sponsorship deal with Red Bull.

At 16:17: Sunday’s start was historic. It was the first time since the 1968 South African race that there were three British drivers in the top three. Silverstone has never seen a British top three.

At 16:16: Initial order:

1. George Russell
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Lando Norris
4. Max Verstappen
5. Oscar Piastre
6. Nico Hulkenberg
7. Carlos Sainz
8. Lance Stroll
9. Alex Alban
10. Fernando Alonso
11. Charles Leclerc
12. Logan Sgt
13. Yuki Tsunoda
14. Zhou Guanyu
15. Daniel Ricciardo
16. Valtteri Bottas
17. Kevin Magnussen
18. Esteban Ocon
19. Pierre Casely
Pit start: Sergio Perez

4:15 PM: Welcome to F1’s live coverage of the British GP. The race starts at 17:00 Finnish time, before that, the starting points for the afternoon race are in the park.

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