Liga Playoffs: Dappara push for victory and retain home advantage, Jamson becomes hero in Lahti – LIIGA – 05.04.2024 – News –

The semi-final series of the league started on Friday evening, with the match series starting in both Tampere and Lahti. Home advantage was held in both series, with Tampere Tabara winning after overtime, while Pelicans won in Lahti after an even match.

Tappara–Kalpa 3–2 and. (WIN MATCH 1-0)

In the match between Dappara and Kalpa, which went from a David vs. Goliath structure to the series, the tone was clear: favorite Dapbara had all the pressure on his neck, while Kalpa had knocked himself out in the opening round. In the playoffs, there was something to be won.

Regardless of the presets, Kalba managed to score first at the Nokia Arena. Jakko Risanen And Benjamin Korhonen Korhonen finally broke through in a great attack while swimming Christian Heljangone.

In the second period, the home team got the plot right and gave the visitors a shock treatment with their two overtime goals. Nicholas Halloran A moment later leveled the hosts Heikki Lights ahead of the target. However, the leading position did not have time to become obsolete for long when the Swedish was the mastermind By Anton Carlson The delivery for goal went to the top shelf of the goal.

An evenly matched game, well controlled by the away side, eventually progressed to overtime, where Tappara managed to kill off two crucial Kalpa possessions. Long after the latter's supremacy had ended, when Tobias Ekberg was able to pass Stephanos Lekasin Thus the home advantage was with Tappara.

Goal scorers

10.48 0–1 Benjamin Korhonen (Risanen) Av
26.26 1–1 Nicholas Halloran (Camper, Baptist) iv
30.24 2-1 Heikki Liedes (Halloran, Baptiste) iv
30.55 2-2 Anton Karlsson (Mäenpää, Kapanen)
75.50 3-2 and. Tobias Ekberg (Savininen, Camper)

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Prediction: Tappara 1.98–2.71 kalpa

Pelicans–Corbett 2–1 (win 1–0 in match)

As the Pelicans and Garbat, who last met in the playoffs 12 years ago, clashed in the first game of the series, Lahti's Friday evening began beautifully with the Finnish anthem, and there was electricity in the air from the start.

In the first period, the Pelicans, a home team that only made individual attacks, missed the gear of the seventh game on Tuesday, as the entry of the Turquoise Shirts was too cautious. As Sengutuvan's success continued this time around, the away team came in sharp and opened the scoring about 13 minutes into the game. Jonas Kempinen With his brilliant controlled shot.

Corbett seemed to be in trouble from time to time as the Pelicans came into the second set looking reborn at halftime. They were rewarded in the form of a goal at the end when Pussinocca scored sublimely at the end of a fine run of form. Patrick Carlson. The Pelicans were in charge of the final set, but the final buzzer kept the visitors tied at 1-1 at the break.

The guests took the reins in their own hands again in the final set and for a long time Kärppie was in command. However, the Pelicans were responsible for scoring in the playoffs, mainly in the dark. Adu Jamson Lahtiil became the man of the evening, scoring the winner with 10 minutes to go.

Goal scorers

13.41 0–1 Joonas Kempainen (Koivunen, Anti-Royko) iv
33.22 1–1 Patrick Carlson (Schnarr, Lash) iv
50.42 2–1 Goat Jamsen (Harky, Johannesen)

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Expected goal: Pelicans 3.06–2.70 Flies

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