Lola Oduzoka Gets A Comment About Her Breasts – Download Live Lyrics Now

TV personality Lola Oduzoka opens up about the rude comments she received.

Lola Odusoka became known to Finns after winning the Miss Finland pageant in 1996. Inca Soweri

Former Miss Finland and TV personality Lola Oduzoka, 46, has posted summer bikini photos of Saima. He has been shooting for a TV serial since early June.

– Once again, we watched TV, ate cake, laughed, printed dunes, swam, camped, took photos, sunbathed, fed mosquitoes, discovered amazing connections with people, got a new super nice toon book, and reflected on our own lives and ways. living Reflecting on the personal bingo of my own life, she writes on her Instagram post.

Oduzoka has recently turned heads with her Instagram posts where she poses in a bikini in the Eastern Finland region. In her latest post, she says she received negative feedback about her breasts.

– Either Merja wants to post her opinion of my breasts on my flea market website or I don’t get a marriage proposal to give birth to 20 children and I’m not happy about the many things I can. Let’s say here, Oduzoka writes.

If the attachment doesn’t open, you can view it From here.

According to the TV personality, her posts have also been removed from Instagram. The reason Odusoga was told was that the images refer to K-18 material.

– Really? Me and the underwear, the story of my life, is always too much for one, he writes.

In the spirit of rebellion, Oduzoka posted a sizzling bikini photo as the first image of the latest release. This post has received a lot of appreciation from its followers.

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– Finland and the radiantly beautiful Lola.

– Lola, you are so wonderful.

TV star Maria Veitola and media personality Veronica Verho have also shown their support by liking Oduzoka’s release. Verho also appears in that publication with Oduzoka.

If the attachment doesn’t open, you can view it From here.

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