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A step from the hallway of a typical apartment building at the apartment door may surprise you.

Lives on the border of Karuvuri and Ruwonala in Kotka John Wuerlen, 50, rented an apartment triangle from a private landlord, not a model for interior design magazines, let alone the home of an average Finnish man. It's unique – in many ways.

– Not much here, it was a bit forested, the Voorela declines.

The all around white and black interior is built with devotion and love for entertainment. And can see it. Overall and comprehensive.

There are figures and miniatures of movie characters scattered throughout. The group can also accommodate old items, sprinkled with good taste.

Small details

The apartment is hard to describe in words, it has to be seen and experienced.

Small details catch the eye in carefully thought out places. LEDs behind the wardrobes and in the bedroom tone the atmosphere.

Spider-Man climbs up the shelves in the crouched position familiar from the movies, has adventures in cartoons on fridge magnets or hangs upside down on a poster on the hall wall.

Complete with movie posters on the walls and boards related to the title.

Even the placement of all small items is carefully thought out. For example, there is green fluff circling the mirror of a black-painted toilet and a small frog sitting on the edge of the sink.

– I think about places very carefully, Voorela admits.

Full work and must please the owner's eye.

– I already bought new wardrobes for the living room once, and the next one was too high.

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Figures, game controllers, games, books, DVDs and music CDs are all over the shelves.

From a young age

Voorela began personal interior design when she was very young.

“Could it have started when I had the opportunity and the money to buy a comic magazine for the first time,” Voorela muses.

In any case, his first interactions with the world of comics came before his studies.

Voorela recalled Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter – Tarzan of Space One of the first cartoons worn on his arm.

Epic films like Star Wars Rat Star Wars movies. He totally cheered them up.

The characters from the above films are a big part of Voorela's interior today.

Characters to buy as a teenager

– I didn't buy my first figures until I was in my early twenties. I don't bother to order anything from abroad, the availability in Finland is generally weak.

A large number of figures are hidden from view in the bedroom closet. They are essential props in entertainment.

Voorela dabbles in photography, where he photographs dolls, but in the finished result the dolls don't look like dolls, but rather like characters coming to life in different contexts. The hobby is called toy photography in English.

An eye-catching glass showcase in the living room. It's on the shelf Star Wars – Replica of bounty hunter Boba Fett's helmet from the movies. It's up there with the likes of Stormtrooper and Ironman. You can wear them all if you want.

A Jedi lightsaber is on the shelf.

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One may find the interior childish and another may find it beautiful. What do people usually notice when they move into an apartment for the first time?

– Some people are surprised, but everything is always positive. Anyway, I didn't think about it beforehand.

The main thing is that the house is of your choice.

– When you buy a beautiful painting and look at it, you also return it when you are happy with it.

The same applies to the interior of Voorela's house.

Full ready, dreams are there

If Voorela didn't live in a rented apartment, her preferences would be more reflected in the house than they are now.

– It is provided under the terms of a tenancy. Voorela says that if I put it in my own apartment, the whole thing would be better.

The entire floor and walls are covered.

– This may include wall paintings. Voorela thinks that if I can't do it, someone else can come along and do it.

Voorela says it is her dream to have her own home, and in certain spaces she will create eye-catching small showcases of favorite objects and important objects.

– It won't look good if only one room is full.

The current apartment is ready now.

– This soul will never change. It's really a temporary home, which I've set up to my liking.

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