Matty Vanhanen talks about Robert Figo’s biggest change – the shock of his friend’s shooting

Matti Vanhanen already knew Slovak Prime Minister Robert Figo in 2006. At the time, according to Vanhanen, Fico was moderate and honest.

– It was a shock to hear that he had been shot. However, this is a familiar person, so it touches.

Former Prime Minister Mati Vanhanen (Center) One of the Finnish politicians who met the prime minister of Slovakia, who was shot Wednesday Robert Ficon59, on several occasions.

Figo’s life is in danger, according to the Slovak government office.

Vanhanen served as Prime Minister of Finland during Fico’s first term in office from 2006-2010.

– Naturally, we always met at European Council meetings and other international conferences. Additionally, as I recall, there was an influx in both directions, Vanhanen notes.

A surprising change

Figo and Vanhanen photographed in Brussels in December 2006. AOP

In recent years, Fico became known as a politician with a positive attitude toward Russia who wanted to limit Western support for Ukraine.

According to Vanhanen, Figo has changed a lot since his first term as prime minister twenty years ago.

– At that time, he was an issue politician and approached moderate questions. Overall, it’s a positive film.

– I’m surprised that his line-up and profile have clearly strengthened over the last few years, says Vanhanen.

Vanhanen describes the 2006-2010 Fico as “positively European”.

– For example, I don’t remember that he had a negative opinion on the collective actions of the financial crisis.

Tightening of security measures

Fico was shot dead after a government meeting in the central Slovak town of Handlová.

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An eyewitness told TA3 media that Figo approached the people who congratulated him, after which he was shot.

– In Europe, the goal is to make decision-makers accessible to citizens.

– To use such opportunities for assassination attempts is absolutely shocking, laments Vanhanen.

Vanhanen thinks the then-foreign minister will tighten security arrangements like the one in Sweden in 2003. Anna Linden After the murder.

– However, I hope this will not have the effect of leading politicians not meeting the citizens. You shouldn’t be completely isolated, Vanhanen observes.

Matti Vanhanen was Robert Fico’s prime ministerial colleague in 2006-2010. I nodded

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