Mother of family found burnt to death in car – sad text on window

The ex-husband denies the charge of murder.

The dark fate of the Vanda-based mother began to unfold after the family’s neighbors called the emergency center at 2:21 pm on December 30, 2023. According to neighbors, the mother of the family never came home.

The neighborhood got wind of it when a 12-year-old friend contacted his friend.

– The neighbor told the police that my 12-year-old daughter came to tell me that her friend who lives next door had an emergency.

Neighbors went to the family’s home, where they discovered the neighbors’ 12-, 3- and 2-year-old children had already been at each other’s houses for a long time. Police were called to the scene.

The ex-husband of the mother of the family, who returned to Finland from Iraq before Christmas, also came to the apartment. He soon became the prime suspect in her death. The background is a criminal complaint about threats and a final resignation in early December.


Traces of melting were found inside the family’s car. The woman was found dead in the foot well of the back seat. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

The ex-husband is accused of murdering the family’s mother. On January 1, 2024, the woman was found dead in her car. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

The dark fate of the family’s mother is not revealed until January 1, 2024. Police found his car and body about 1.2 kilometers from the family home.

“Move” was written on the side of the car. None of the passers-by noticed the body inside the car.

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The mother of the family was found dead in the back seat leg well of the car. Strong smell of car fumes and burning liquids. The interior of the car was partially melted by the heat.

It was revealed that the mother of the family was beaten, tied up, doused with fuel and set on fire. The woman in the car died quickly from the fumes.

A complete contradiction

The canister contained a mixture of petrol and diesel. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

The woman’s property was found between the front seats of the car. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

During interrogation, the man completely denied the suspicions. According to him, they are still married and the divorce has been annulled. He saw his ex-wife briefly in the country on the day they disappeared, but she was alive when they broke up.

According to eyewitnesses, the ex-husband ambushed the mother of the family in the parking lot wearing a Volt driver’s jacket. The man also vehemently denied this.

– My wife recognizes me even though I play an airline captain, said the man.

Foot binding strings photographed at Itä-Uusimaa Police Department. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

Suspicious burns were seen on the cords. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

The ex-husband tried to point criminal suspicions at the woman’s new wife and her friends. Alternatively, the ex-husband suggested that the victim had left Finland because she felt she was in danger.

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– I never hit [ex-vaimoa] or children. My older daughter hates me, however, because I entertained our younger children and the man swore at the police.

The 12-year-old daughter was interviewed during the investigation. She said she wanted to divorce her father. He also feared his father.

The murder trial began on May 10, 2024 at the Itä-Uusimaa District Court. Mico Huisco

According to the police and later the prosecutor, the ex-husband murdered the family’s mother. In their view, this act has aspects of honorable violence. Prosecutor seeks life sentence for ex-husband for murder.

The district court will decide the case later.

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