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Finland-Denmark situation 0-0

Live coverage of the match starts at 20:30 on MTV Katsomo and 21:00 on MTV3 channel.

Direct monitoring:

1. Circuit:

14. Minutes: After an opening win at the attacking end, Denmark take a dangerous position. Larmy hides the puck at the last moment.

13. Minutes: Denmark get a moment of pressure on the Lions’ heads. Laramie also intervenes in the game.

12. Minutes: You can reach the finish line with peace of mind. Puljujärvi and Lehtonen set up a plate in a great spot for Oliver Kapanen, but it still didn’t go through.

10. Min: Now the places are starting to come. Iiro Pakarinen gets a good layup off a loose puck under his own control, but Seltrup sits on the ice and makes the save.

9. Minutes: Jesse Puljujarvi takes a half-pass, but Seltrup holds on. Bustola was able to use the loose puck to start a new business.

8. Min: The “second chain” of lions, i.e. the chain of Granlund, Innala and Bakkarinen, gets a good pressure on Denmark’s end. Seltrup started his goal well.

6. Min: Superiority ends without end. The nervous thing was moving the puck.

The Lions' pain can already be seen at the start of the Denmark match: "becomes tighter"


Sami Kapanen summed up the events leading up to the Lions game in Prague: The pain was palpable in parts.

5. Min: Larsen’s sentence ends. A good minute is four versus five.

03.22 Cooler: Nick Olesen whistled Oliver Gaske’s stick broke. Finland for the superiority of two men.

02.03 Cooler: Oliver Larsson struggles against Patrik Bustola’s attacking blues Finland. Lions for supremacy!

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1 minute: The lion is having a hard time with his head. Jere Innala delivers a wickedly errant pass from the wing to the center, but Frederik Strom can’t float the puck under Emil Larm’s tackle and into the goal, despite having a free lane.

At 21.20: The first match of the tournament is underway!

At 21.15: Matthias Seltrup opened the scoring for Denmark. Frederic Dichow, who has played in all competitions so far, is absent from the lineup.

21:00: The Lions’ two captains, Lasse Kukkonen and Olli Jokinen, have first-hand experiences of playing with their backs against the wall at the World Cup.

Lions in worst place at 2014 World Cup - Olli Jokinen recalls growth story


Lions in worst place at 2014 World Cup – Olli Jokinen recalls growth story

At 20:58: Lejonnet decided to completely sideline Harry Sater for tonight’s match. Olli Jokinen has a theory about the line of play:

"Of course" - There was a strong prediction from Olli Jogi about Finland's goaltending


“It’s absolutely certain” – Olli Jogis’s dire prediction about Finland’s goaltending

8:00 p.m.: Have a good night to follow the crucial match between Finland and Denmark for the continuation of the World Cup. The Lions will need four points from their last two matches to secure their place in the quarter-finals.

Lejonaud will go into the tournament with updated systems:

Head coach Jukka Jalonen He was in a good mood on the day of the match. Among other things, he took a stance on choosing a goalkeeper:

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