NATO staff and troops arrive in Finland

The Defense Minister is speaking to reporters at the NATO meeting in Brussels.

Antti Hakanen attends the NATO Defense Ministers meeting in Brussels. Crete Karwala

Defense Minister Andy Hokkanen (kok) says that NATO headquarters will be in Brussels, ground forces will be in Finland, and all the Nordic countries will be accepted under Norfolk.

– I can happily say that today all NATO countries have given their political support to Finland’s main NATO integration goals: the NATO headquarters will be in Finland, the ground forces will be in Finland, and all the Nordic countries have been accepted under Norfolk, Håkanen said.

Iltalehti has previously announced based on sources that NATO’s European Forces Commander and the NATO Military Group have already finalized the new command structure of the defense alliance, and that Finland and other Nordic countries will join the coalition in the future. Operational command of Norfolk in the US, which was the target of Finland.

Iltalehti previously reported that Finland is also receiving ground forces auxiliary personnel operating under Norfolk, which, according to Iltalehti, are coming to Mikkeli.

In practice, the new ground staff will lead the ground war in the Nordic region. Finland will work with Norfolk to plan how NATO will defend the entire region.

Another target

Finland also achieved its second goal in NATO, the military leadership of NATO and a long-standing dialogue with NATO countries. Finland wants to push FLF-style ground forces in front of it, similar to the practice of other countries bordering Russia.

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The eight other NATO countries bordering Russia have permanent coalition combat forces on their soil, while in the Finnish model, the presence of NATO countries’ ground forces will be deployed flexibly and rapidly, relying on training activities in Finland.

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