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CNN: Iran's attacks on Israel appear to have subsided, US sources say – lasted five hours

The wave of Iranian attacks on Israel appears to have subsided, US sources say, according to news channel CNN. The air and missile attacks reportedly lasted for about five hours.

Citizens in Israel were asked to stay close to shelters, but this request was canceled early Sunday morning. This is seen as an indication that the Israeli armed forces believe the immediate threat of attack has passed.

Despite a decrease in the number of Iranian drone and missile strikes, the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah announced early Sunday that it had fired rockets again into the Israeli-occupied Golan.

Israeli Armed Forces Spokesman Says Iran Fired More Than 200 Drones And Missiles At Israel

Iran launched drone and missile strikes against Israel late Saturday. A spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces Daniel Hagari It said early Sunday that Iran had launched more than 200 drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles at Israel.

There had been speculation for days before the attack that Iran was preparing an attack on Israel in retaliation for an attack in Syria earlier this month that killed Iranian military commanders and other members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

According to a statement by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the attack was specifically in response to Israeli aggression and other crimes committed by the Israeli regime. (Source: AFP)

A spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces says that only a few of Iran's missiles fell into Israeli territory.

The US President says the US helped Israel shoot down all of Iran's drones and missiles Joe Biden.

A spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces Daniel Hagari Israel had previously said only a few of Iran's missiles came within range.

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Iran's state television said half of the missiles hit their targets.

According to Hagar, the military base in the southern part of the country suffered minor damage in the attacks. Iranian state media previously reported that the site had suffered heavy attacks.

Hagari also says a girl was injured in the Iranian strikes. (Source: AFP)

CNN: First aid agency says Iranian strikes do not appear to have caused direct casualties

According to the Israeli Megan David Adom First Aid Organization, there have been no reports of direct injuries from the Iranian strikes in Israel, news channel CNN reported.

However, the organization said it was called to treat a total of 31 people who suffered minor injuries en route to the camps or suffered panic attacks during the attacks.

Earlier, the organization said a seven-year-old girl was taken to hospital after suffering serious head injuries from an anti-missile shrapnel used to stop an Iranian missile.

Now: Missiles and planes are also being launched from Iraq towards Israel

Israeli intelligence has discovered dozens of drones and cruise missiles launched at Israel from Iran and Iraq, the New York Times reported early Sunday, citing Israeli sources.

According to the newspaper, the attacks are believed to have targeted an Israeli air force base in the Golan Heights and the Negev desert.

In turn, the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah fired rockets at the Israeli-occupied Golan, AFP news agency reported. Hezbollah continued its rocket attacks early Sunday morning.

On the other hand, Yemen's Houthi rebels have launched several drones towards Israel in coordination with Iran, said Ambre, a maritime security firm.

UN Security Council emergency meeting due to Iran attack on Israel

Malta, which holds the council's presidency this month, says the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting because of Iran's drone and missile attacks on Israel.

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According to Malta's representative, the meeting is scheduled to be held late on Sunday Finnish time.

The meeting is being held at Israel's request. (Source: AFP)

UN Secretary General Guterres is deeply concerned about the danger of regional expansion in the Middle East

Secretary General UN Antonio Gutierrez A statement strongly condemned Iran's large-scale attack on Israel. Guterres called the attacks a serious escalation and called for an immediate end to hostilities.

The UN Secretary-General urged all parties to exercise maximum restraint and avoid actions that could lead to major military conflicts on multiple fronts in the Middle East.

Guterres expressed deep concern that there was a real risk of catastrophic escalation across the region.

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell It also condemned Iran's attacks on Israel as an unprecedented escalation. (Source: AFP)

Prices of vinyl records soared

The popularity of vinyl records has grown at a steady pace in recent years, but is now starting to slow down in Finland. The reason is that the selling price of new vinyl records has risen ten percent in the past two years. Prices have already reached pain points, according to both hobbyists and traders. This is evident from businessmen and entertainers interviewed by STT.

With higher prices, more music listeners will settle for streaming or CDs, which are cheaper than vinyl discs.

Northern Ostrobothnia Rescue Service warns of “flood tourism”.

Flood tourism, i.e. driving for fun on flooded roads, disrupts the work of the rescue mission, Bojois reminds the rescue service of Ostrobothnia. Rescuers have reported that there has been unnecessary traffic jam in the flooded areas.

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Partially flooded roads use one lane, and in addition to rescue vehicles, gravel trucks and tractors drive over them.

On Saturday evening, the focus of rescue operations was on Ylivieska, where several ice dams raised floodwater levels.

USA – Finland will play for bronze after blanking the Women's Lions in the World Cup semi-finals

Finland is playing for the bronze medal at the Women's Ice Hockey World Championship. Last year's world champions, the United States, defeated the Women's Lions 5–0 in the semifinals to advance to the World Cup final.

Home Team USA Striker Then Edwards He scored a hat-trick in the match, meaning he scored three goals.

Finland time today, in the World Cup semi-finals against Finland, who lost the bronze medal match between Canada and the Czech Republic.

Heiskanen's shoulder shook on every Dallas goal as the Texans beat Seattle.

In Ice Hockey NHL, Dallas Stars defeated Seattle Kraken in their home arena with 3-1 goals.

Dallas' Finnish forward Miro Heiskanen He was named man of the match as he shouldered every three of the club's goals. Heiskanen was the assist for the first two wins, while he scored the third.

At the same time, Dallas secured victory in the Central Division, according to the NHL's website.

Florida Panthers, on the other hand, beat the Buffalo Sabers 3-2. Anton Lundel scored a goal and To Alexander Fargo Recorded the assist on the overtime winning goal.

On the buffalo side Henry Jogihar Got a favor Ukko-Pekka Lukkonen He made 39 saves.

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