North Korea says 'international community' worried about US support for Ukraine – calls Russian military 'heroic' | News Fin

North Korea's Defense Ministry said the US decision to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles has raised the concerns of the international community.

The Defense Ministry's press release was published by the country's state news agency on Monday KCNA: n By. The release did not specify what type of concern the missile delivery raised or which countries had expressed it.

The release marks the US decision to supply ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

– The US administration has so far been wary of providing long-range missiles and has said it will not encourage Ukraine to attack Russia. North Korea says that those who supplied Ukraine with these missiles have now shown their true colors as warmongers and disrupters of peace.

North Korea says the missile launches will not change the war situation, but lead to it.Zelensky's to fuel the reckless and aggressive frenzy of the puppet government”.

– America can never defeat the mighty army and people of Russia with any weapons or military support, the declaration concludes.

North Korea is one of the few countries that openly supports Russia.

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