Now: Biden Leans to Allow Ukrainian Attacks on Russian Territory with US Weapons | News Fin

President of the United States Joe Biden U.S. weapons are leaning toward a decision to allow Ukraine to attack Russian territory through newspaper New York Times (NYT) write down

Biden has long opposed granting Ukraine this permission, fearing that attacks by Western weapons on Russian territory could escalate the war in Ukraine into a confrontation between the United States and Russia.

Now, according to the NYT, the White House has begun a formal and apparently swift reassessment. Granting the permit would allow Ukraine to retaliate against artillery and missile systems that are safe on the Russian side.

Some of Biden’s advisers say they see a change in Biden’s ways as inevitable. However, the NYT points out that the U.S. sanction to Ukraine would be tied to strict restrictions, according to which U.S. weapons could only strike military targets located on Russian territory.

Attacks deep inside Russian territory and critical infrastructure will be prohibited.

Sources who spoke to the NYT on condition of anonymity say that if Biden changes his position, he is unlikely to announce it publicly. Instead, US artillery shells and missiles “start landing on Russian military targets.”

Russian officials have reacted sharply to talk of lifting restrictions on the use of Western weapons, and have warned of an escalation of hostilities between defense alliance NATO and Russia. For example, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov It recently called NATO a direct party to the war.

US officials are beginning to treat the Kremlin’s warnings as groundless, the NYT writes. The fact that Russia has not attacked the arms supply to Ukraine from Western countries in Poland or other NATO countries speaks to this, among other things.

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