Now it's even! This is how the NHL's last playoff spot is decided

The Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers are vying for the last wild card spot.

The Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins are chasing the last available playoff spot. AOP / USA Today Sports

There is a fierce battle for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, which culminates in matches played on Wednesday and Thursday mornings Finnish time.

The Washington Capitals (89), Detroit Red Wings (89), Pittsburgh Penguins (88) and Philadelphia Flyers (87) are competing for the last wild card spot. Everyone has one more match.

Over the winter, the Flyers seemed certain to make the playoffs, but now the probability of a spot is less than six percent, according to Moneypuck.

The Flyers will host the Capitals in their last game. A win in regular time would put the Flyers past the Capitals, but both the Red Wings and Penguins would need to remain scoreless for a playoff spot.

A win in the allotted time would see the Capitals finish last. Depending on the results of the Red Wings and Penguins, the points could be enough.

The Penguins will move into last place if they win their last game and both the Capitals and Red Wings are winless.

A win would be enough to keep the Red Wings in last place if the Capitals don't pick up more than a point.

The Red Wings rallied from a three-goal deficit to win their final game against the Montreal Canadiens. Lucas Raymond He tied the game at 18:43 and scored the winning goal in the final minute of overtime.

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– At the beginning of the season, no one believed in our playoff spot. Many in our division, the Red Wings coach, ranked us seventh Derek Lalonde Comment.

– If someone had said that with one more match to go, a win would mean going 11 points clear of the previous season and securing a play-off spot, we'd all have taken it.

Here's how to compare on a tie:

1) Real game time wins.

2) Actual game time and overtime wins.

3) All wins.

4) Mutual competitions.

5) Target differentiation.

Remaining matches

Wednesday at 2 p.m

Philadelphia Flyers-Washington Capitals

Montreal Canadiens-Detroit Red Wings

Thursday at 2 p.m

New York Islanders-Pittsburgh Penguins

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