n's administration faces a massive decision – savior Jalonen

If HIFK changes its head coach, there will be two free and eligible Jallows in the market. Kari Jalonen, (left) and Jukka Jalonen. Algae leesima, Myco huisco

Although HIFK's league season was supposed to last a few weeks, this time it lasted well over 200 days.

The Oy HIFK-Hockey Ab group faces some very difficult decisions in the future. It should determine the individual matters that are significant in the club's playing field.

Will the head coach change or will there be other reforms at the club? Or will something change?

The SM League is the most coach-oriented ball series, the most. That's why Ville Peltonen's future was also heavily speculated after HIFK's quarterfinal series loss to the Pelicans.

In fact, Peltonen's situation was already in the headlines during the series, with the club's fans flashing an infamous “Beltonen exit immediately” sheet at the Nordis.

Fans have every right to express their opinion. The frustration is understandable, but HIFK is not a Red Guard where leaders are chosen with a knife.

Beltonen has been in a prominent and windy position as Stadion's head coach for three years. The result was a semi-final place, which wasn't really that much.

The player legend will wear his chopper until spring 2026.

Offloading world champion Beltonen would be costly for the club – according to Lavia's estimates, the man's salary would be around €450,000 over two years. This is a lot of trouble even for HIFK.

A change of head coach doesn't necessarily change anything. Continuity is better for a ball team than change and starting a new program.

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In hockey, it often takes 2-3 seasons for a new program to become successful. Will the HIFK fans' cassette withstand the wait or turn over a new leaf again if the change doesn't bring quick success?

It's okay to think about it on multiple tables.

Wille Beltoson has two years left on his contract with HIFK. AOP / Tommy Nadri

However, if Oy HIFK-Hockey Ab's team decides on boots, there are two great names to replace Beltonen: Jukka Jalonen and Kari Jalonen.

“Kojo” Jalonen coached the Stadion players to the championship in 2011. That was the club's last Finnish championship.

At the moment, the hero of several championships, Jalonen is not coaching anywhere, but according to Iltalehti, he is still interested in coaching.

However, Kojo's interests may lie far beyond his home country of Laika in Central Europe, which has a slightly more primitive atmosphere.

Jukka Jalonen's successful season in the national team ends at the Spring World Championships. According to his own words, the Lions' hero pilot is primarily looking for work elsewhere than in Finland.

No mention of an NHL job, so Jalonen's eyes are in the same direction as Kari Jalos.

– Central Europe and Sweden are interesting. If there are free spots, there's a line out the door, Jalonen said in late January.

The challenge for both Jallows in finding work is that, for example, according to today's information, only two or three coaching positions are open for next season in Switzerland's Rich League.

Biel is looking for a replacement for Petri Matikainen, but it is highly uncertain whether the club will appoint a third Finnish coach in a row. Prior to Matikis, Beal was coached by Andy Dorman.

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The last time Beal applied for the head coaching job, the team's general manager received more than 150 applications.

Kloten is also looking for a new head coach.

You don't go to Switzerland – you are asked to go there. And the Finnish head coach is not necessarily ahead of any Swedish player or Canadian coach in the minds of the Swiss GM – knowing the domestic game system, even vice versa.

A few coaching positions may open up in the German DEL, Sweden and a couple.

After these facts, when you think about it, HIFK can be a workplace just like Jukka Jalonen. The champion could live in his house in Rihimaki and still be involved in influencing the country's buck affairs.

In HIFK, it is possible to build a competitive team, and in Nordis, it is possible for the coach to win.

HIFK, on ​​the other hand, need a reliable and qualified coach – that can also pay competitive fees.

Jussi Ahokas HIFK lookalike man? AOP / Jacco Stenroos

After this season, there are many domestic coaches in the market. A possible name could be Mikko Manner – but rumors are that the man who will be the next commander of SaiPa.

Lauri Marjamaki is free, as are Jukka Raudacorby, Karri Kivi and Becca Virda.

Since the name game is good, we can also add an interesting name, Jussi Ahokas, who is currently coaching in the Canadian Junior League.

Many would like to see Toni Söderholm on HIFK's bench, but “Söde” is already coaching where many Finnish coaches prefer, namely Central European money club Red Bull Munich.

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Fans and followers of Puck hope that the IFK board will now do its job with care and attention and use the right “consultants” to help. There are options for coaches, but will this change ultimately be the right one and move forward following tradition?

Becca Virda talks about attacking play. Ronnie Lehti

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