Nvidia’s CEO Fleeed Thailand to America as a Child – Now He’s Passed America’s Richest Family Members on the Billionaires List

Microchip manufacturer of Nvidia A rock-solid quarterly result boosted the company’s CEO By Jensen Huang Ranking on Bloomberg’s Billionaire List.

Huang’s net worth rose to $91.3 billion, or more than 84 billion euros, on Thursday, moving him up three places on Bloomberg’s billionaires list to make him the world’s 17th richest person.

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In this order, the top three richest people in the world are luxury goods manufacturers LVMH– Main owner of the chain Bernard ArnoldOnline store of Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and electric car manufacturer Tesla’s A great owner Elon Musk. Arnold’s net worth is over 200 billion euros.

Huang, one of the founders of Nvidia, has now surpassed all of the richest families in the United States to top the list of billionaires. Walmart– known from chain Walton’s Family members.

Nearly all of Huang’s assets are tied up in Nvidia stock, which rose nearly ten percent on Thursday. Nvidia predicts that the company’s sales growth will continue, which will strengthen the company’s position as the largest beneficiary of artificial intelligence investments.

Nvidia is a major beneficiary of the rise of AI as it dominates the market for GPUs needed to build AI applications. Advantage in chip manufacturing accelerated Nvidia’s growth and boosted its market value to more than 2000 billion dollars.

Huang, 61, stoked excitement by talking about the dawn of a new era.

“This is the beginning of a new industrial revolution,” he told Bloomberg News in an interview after Wednesday’s earnings release.

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From Thailand to America

Huang is known for wearing black leather jackets. Nvidia’s success has made him one of the celebrities of the AI ​​era.

Huang’s wealth is based on his 3.5 percent stake in Nvidia, which he founded with friends in 1993. Chris Malachowski And Curtis Reminder with. Huang has led Nvidia ever since. The company produced what it called the first graphics processor in 1999 and went public the same year.

Huang was born in Taiwan and spent his childhood in Taiwan and Thailand. Civil unrest in Thailand in the early 1970s prompted his parents to send Huang to live with relatives in Washington, USA.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 1984 and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1992.

The Bloomberg article was translated into Finnish by Johanna Rossi. Artificial intelligence has been used in the translation process.

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