Oilers praise Miro Heyskas

– If he’s not in the Norris debates year after year, he’s at least close to them. He praised his team’s underdog leader, Oilers defenseman Matthias Ekholm, for shining every night.

As Ekholm plays for the Nashville Predators, who play with Dallas in the Central Division, the Swede has played against Heiska several times.

– I played for a long time in Central and saw a lot of haystacks. He was once in (John) Klingberg’s shadow, but then he was given a bigger role and he took his chance, Ekholm said.

Leon Dryside, one of the Oilers’ leading forwards, mentioned Heiskanen’s name as well.

– They have a smart defense where everyone defends well. Heiskanen, on the other hand, brings different elements to their attacking game, Draisaitl said.

The front of the Oilers offense is known to be tough, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the biggest battle of the series was between the Stars defensemen and the Oilers frontcourt. Speaking of individuals, Heiskanen and Connor McDavid might be the most interesting fighting pair.

It is also known in the Oilers’ lineup that they will now face four high-profile players. Second-round opponents, the Vancouver Canucks, on the other hand, relied heavily on their first and second pitches.

– They have a lot of talented, high quality players. It will be a slightly different series than the Vancouver series, where the opponent loaded a lot on its two high courts, Ekholm said.

The final series between Dallas and Edmonton starts tomorrow night Finnish time. The puck hits the ice at 3:30.

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