Oliver Helander has an ambiguous slip: “We don’t talk about it”

Finn had to slip the thermal gel into his groin, but the shot’s accuracy wasn’t on the mitt.

on a spear Oliver Helander Apply thermal gel to the groin area before the javelin qualification test begins.

Or where it went.

– I went to the wrong place. It was a bit uncomfortable to stay for a few minutes. But it’s not that serious, comments Helander.

The purpose of the thermal gel is to accelerate surface blood flow. To some extent it is also a psychological thing.

Helander didn’t want to say out loud where the object had slipped.

– Don’t talk about it. At least I was awake. Linnex gel is sharp enough.

Facial expression

Oliver Helander stuck a banana in his cheek. Leasima below

Helander cleared 84.35 meters as scheduled to advance to the finals. The qualifying limit is 82 meters.

– The vibration was enough. With a poor throw, 85 meters went.

The throw was short.

– Level gone, but it’s good stuff. Yes, it can be low. But you need a little lift to fly further.

Finn frowned before and after qualifying.

– The ankle rotates slightly during the throwing phase. Nothing serious, ankle is fine.

Oulu Pyrinnö’s man has his left ankle taped.

– I always tape it.

Helander visited the throwing area of ​​the Olympic Stadium in Rome for the first time during Tuesday’s qualifying round.

– Nice and fast Mondo. The weather was calm. I love it when the weather is nice. No wind is good.

The men’s javelin final will be held on Wednesday.

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