One person will take the main stage of Ilosaarirock, whose mission is to make more people understand rock | North Karelia

Sign language interpretation makes Ilozarirok even more accessible. Also, the new visual information displayed on the screens is designed to serve as many people as possible.

Ilosaarirock’s platform will feature signs and photo information in Finnish so that the message reaches as many people as possible.

Ilosaarirock strives for linguistically wide accessibility as well. Students who study as interpreters for the speech-impaired will take center stage at the ceremony, which begins on Friday Anna-Katharina Coco And Emmy Markkanen. They interpret information in sign language.

From the main stage, information about event schedules and evacuation procedures is given and the mood is lifted. Keynote speaker Tomas Bipolon It is good that the information reaches all the people living in the area of ​​Loulur regardless of the language barrier.

– Borrowed without signs of signed speech, but the sentence structure comes from Finnish, explains Anna-Katharina Koko, who studies as an interpreter for the speech-impaired.

During talks and signs, things are presented on the information board in text and pictures. They should be open regardless of language and reading ability.

Interpreters and images are part of student training at the University of Applied Sciences. The Humak collaboration opened a new door to Jonsu’s access path for pop musicians organizing Ilosaarirock.

– We are trying to gradually move towards greater accessibility, explains the managing director Nina Hattunen.

The natural festival area creates barriers to movement

The Laulurinne area with its meadows and hills is a familiar challenge for organizers, where trails and footpaths can only facilitate up to a certain limit.

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– This is not an asphalt field, but a natural environment with different forms. It’s beautiful, but at the same time there are barriers to movement, Hattunen says.

According to Huttson, it is difficult for a casual festival goer and organizer to put themselves in the position of a person with physical or linguistic limitations.

– An important way to get feedback from a diverse audience. Interpreting music as symbols has already been requested in feedback, but this is a huge undertaking, Hattunen reflects.

Watch the video to see how Ilosaarirock transforms into landmarks. Interpreters use signed Finnish, not sign language.

Interpreting on stage does not waive the attendant’s right to bring their own interpreter to the ceremony area.

Invalid collection from everyone Summer events concept. Based on the results of previous years’ survey, there is much room for improvement in terms of accessibility.

A review of the so-called stalls emerged last year. Some felt that a separate platform or area for wheelchair users was discriminatory. At Ilosari, you can use a wheelchair to go to the front row if you want, but you can also go to your own section.

– Event supervisors have the right to intervene only when there is a security threat. Otherwise, whether you walk with a cane, two legs or a wheelchair, you have an equal right to go to the front row, says Hattunan.

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