One truly surprising name rose in the anti-Trump poll

One could argue that Democrats need new names to replace the old ones.

The Obamas participated in the unveiling of their portraits at the White House in 2022. AOP

Former President of the United States couple Barack And About Michelle Obama As a solution to the Democrats’ crisis, the president Joe Biden Alternatively?

Speculation about Biden’s replacement began last week when the election test turned out to be a disaster from Biden’s perspective. Appearing weak, Biden spoke vaguely and failed to challenge Republican Donald Trump even on issues favorable to Biden.

A last-minute replacement vice president has been proposed Damn Harris In addition, for example, the governor of California Gavin Newsomia and Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmeria.

Slayton Article by a veteran journalist Fred Kaplan Even Vice President Harris, who is less popular than Biden, says he would be stronger if he had the former president as his running mate. Barack Obama. Obama, who served two terms as president between 2009 and 2017, can no longer run for president, but is not constitutionally barred from running for vice president.

Of course, Kaplan admits that the project is closer to fantasy sports. Both Biden’s abdication, Obama’s return and Harris’ endorsement of the presidential candidacy will be overshadowed by his second-in-command.

Instead, Obama’s wife, Michelle, is back in the spotlight. of Newsweek Many betting sites have the best odds after Biden and Newsom, according to the most popular former first lady.

Obama seems to have real support against Trump: New Reuters/Ipsos poll According to him, he will beat Trump 50-39 in the presidential election. Reuters also looked at the popularity of Harris, Newsom, Whitmer, Andy Beshear and JP Pritzker in a hypothetical election against Trump, but Michelle Obama was the only Democratic candidate to defeat Trump.

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Michelle Obama and Donald Trump congratulate Trump at his inauguration in January 2017. AP

However, Michelle Obama continued to deny her desire to run for office. Nor is he campaigning for Joe Biden’s re-election. Last week Axios It revealed how Michael’s relationship with the Biden family has been strained since he was a close friend of Michael’s Kathleen Buhle He felt badly treated in the breakup Hunter Bidenista.

On the other hand, according to the media, Michelle Obama avoided participating in party politics for a long time.

This is how Joe Biden returned to the limelight after a debate disaster. Reuters

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