Ovaro is selling the Jyväskylä Forum shopping center for around 9 million euros

A real estate investment firm Overo The company has concluded an agreement to sell the shopping center property of shopping center Forum, located in the heart of Jyväskylä, acquired in April 2024.

“The property will be sold in installments to two buyers with a debt-free purchase price of EUR 9.05 million. The profit effect of the deal after transaction-related costs and deferred taxes is approximately EUR one million, which will be recorded in the H1 2024 half-year report,” the company’s press release said.

The said property is for sale to Järvi-Suomen Asunnot Oy With a debt-free purchase price of less than 4.2 million euros. The premises belonging to the shop are sold Royal House Oi:lleIt is a company controlled by a member of the board of directors of the company.

According to Ovaro, the plot’s debt-free purchase price of less than 4.9 million euros will be used to offset what was previously announced. Jyväskylä Cuckula gehitis oi Transaction amount between Ovaro and Royal House Oy in respect of shares.

“I am satisfied with the sale of the Kaupkaskus Forum, which has generated a profit of around one million euros for Ovaro. With this deal, the company frees up its resources for projects in Jyväskylä Kukula,” says Ovaro’s CEO. Marco Hattunen.

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