Papua New Guinea officials warn of landslide risk in region where hundreds feared dead in May | News Fin

Authorities have warned of a major landslide risk in Papua New Guinea, which is feared to kill hundreds by the end of May. Experts from the country’s government have called for the evacuation of the landslide area in the central part of the country and a ban on public access.

According to a report prepared by experts, chances of more landslides are high in the near future.

According to preliminary estimates by the country’s government, up to 2,000 people may have been trapped under the landslide in May. Local authorities, on the other hand, recently estimated the number of victims to be in the hundreds.

According to health officials, only nine bodies have been recovered.

Rescuers have already given up on searching for those trapped in the landslide. However, locals have been digging deep mud and moving rocks in search of their loved ones.

Aid agencies have set up several tents near the landslide area and provided food and first aid.

Experts also warn that this search could lead to a landslide again. A concern is that the boulders located above could be moved using heavy machinery brought to the area.

– The movement or vibration of machinery sets these boulders in motion, the expert report warns.

Local authorities estimate that nearly 8,000 people live in the disaster-hit area.

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