People rushed to the terraces even though money was tight: “a significant change in behaviour”, says SOK director | Homeland

Warm and sunny weather has boosted restaurant sales. Several restaurants have now set sales records for the year.

Clarissa Aries,

Rita Cremin

Finns flock to restaurant terraces when the weather warms. Restaurants have had up to 70 percent better results on colder days than they did two weeks ago.

Among others, he is the CEO of restaurant company Noho Partners Aku Vikstrom It says their sales have increased by up to 70 percent over previous weekends.

– This is actually desirable. A great boost after a cold April. Sales record in many places.

The terraces are full of happy people

Terraces are especially popular. They have enough people in the evening and during the day.

In Helsinki Lock Channa Sarkanen And Christina Holm Had lunch and enjoyed the Saturday sun.

– The weather was so nice that we thought we’d eat outside for once. Now, once in a while, when we get good weather, says Sanna Sarkanen.

Further Ilka Lindome Appreciated a nice terrace with his friends. They had played football in the Dolo lawn in the morning and were now enjoying the frost on the terrace.

– If you can get some sun on the terrace and food is served, it’s a good terrace, says Lindholm.

Bad news also escapes to the terraces

Wikstrom, CEO of Noho Partners, believes summer will be good for restaurants. Wikstrom believes the terraces provide a counterweight to the unpleasant news of the world.

Good weather gives the whole country a big boost, says Wikstrom.

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– Here are some hard financial news and world news reads. As a counterweight, people need experiences and good moments. And restaurants were invented for them. You can meet friends there and enjoy the summer. We want to ease some of that discomfort by enjoying the outdoors and good company.

People still spend money in restaurants

Chain Manager of SOK’s tourism and catering business Juha Helminen He says that hot weather is always found on them. Sales increase by an average of 15-20 percent in hot weather.

– The population is increasing and the terraces are filling up. Especially in the month of May, the impact of the hot weather is high as the weather can be quite different.

This year there are more throws than usual because the weather has changed a lot in May. Friday was now the best selling day of the entire spring.

– It was very cold at the beginning of the month, it almost snowed in Helsinki. In early May, there were evenings so cold that there were no customers.

According to the forecasts, a good summer is coming, Helminen says. International tourists also seem to be rediscovering Helsinki. He says that even when times are tough, people spend money on eating out.

– This is a significant change compared to a few decades ago when people spent money during hard times.

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