Pepe Wilberg is getting his own movie – watch the trailer

The documentary reviews the artist’s career spanning over 60 years.

Musician By Pepe Wilberg Documentary about life and career PEPE Screening on October 4. He is directing the film Saveri Koivusalo. The journey of the most successful artist so far in the history of Finnish pop music is revealed in the documentary through numerous documents and cinematic narratives.

The story has been constructed by Pepe’s close friends and colleagues over the years Danny, Jorma Eutinen And Vicky Rostyas well as the famous groups The Islanders, Mesterit and Cyma.

– Goodness is worth waiting for, you should never give up. First gold record at 67, own film at 78. Pepe commented at the announcement of the film that he believed Severi’s vision and narration in the construction of the documentary.

The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

– Going with an excited mind to watch the finale on the big screen, I brace myself for an emotional level and may end up throwing my hands up in the air.

Apart from Hector, Pepe Wilberg is the only musician still alive from the Mestarid line.

Pepe’s career has spanned more than 60 years since his inception

In 1962 he moved on to the band Islanders, then the band Jormas and a solo career with Pepe & Paradise. He was also part of the amazing Mestarid Arenalla lineup, which included them Pave Maijanen, Hector And Church.

The Champions tour ended in 1999 with a stadium concert. Pepe earned his first gold record in 2014.

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The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

Pepe hits theaters on October 4th.

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