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Broad practical experience of police work and good personnel management skills were considered an advantage in selection. Koskimäki has, among other things, received basic police training.

On Thursday, July 4, we met the newly elected Chief of Police, Ilkka Koskimäki, at the Itä-Uusimaa Police Department in Vantaa. He had one wish for the citizens.

Marjata Rowdio,

Pietu Heiskanen

General Session of Govt has appointed The Inspector General of Police of East Uzima Police Department has been appointed as the new Inspector General of Police Ilka Koskimeki.

For this time applicant, I considered extensive practical experience of police work and good personnel management skills as an advantage.

In the selection memorandum, Koskimäki’s appointment from among the top applicants is supported by leadership, vision for the development of police administration and personal qualities.

Koskimäki has been the Chief of Police of the East Utsima Police Department since September 2020. Prior to this, he served as Chief of Police of the Helsinki Police Department and Deputy Chief of the Helsinki Police Department.

Koskimai, 55, is a basic police trainee and has served as a team member. Koskimäki is licensed in law and an associate judge.

The Council of State decided on the selection of the Home Minister Mari Randanen (ps.) from the show.

Koskimegi promises to keep a sense of the day-to-day life of the police force

When he saw the job ad, Koscimaki says he thought his skills would be useful.

– I personally represent that I have practical experience in different assignments. In my own work I tried to be visible every day, to participate in activities, to see and hear the feelings of the field, and to gather information from the front lines.

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Koskimegi also plans to retain the spirit of practical police work.

– It is important to maintain conversational communication. This is for police units and staff, and of course for the residents we are.

Koskimäki believes that citizens will help the police work

Koskimeki hopes citizens will contact the police.

– I urge residents to deal positively with the police, share your own information and observations through our various tools and stay in touch with the police.

He describes himself as open, direct and approachable.

Koskimegi says he wants to influence the development of police operations, especially in a difficult situation, where the operational environment of the police has changed significantly and perhaps permanently in recent years.

8 people have applied for this post

There was a job Eight applicants. The head of the Central Crime Branch is appointed from within the police force Robin LordotDirector of Police, Board of Police Channa Heikinheimo and Police Chief of the South West Finland Police Department Risto Lammy.

Based on the selection memorandum, Koskimegi and Lordot emerged as the primary candidates, with whom Home Minister Randanan also held talks.

The Chief of Police leads the Finnish police Police Board. Koskimegi was sworn in as police chief in early September Seppo Kolehmainen rest The post will be filled for a period of five years.

Kolehmainen, who will retire at the end of August, started in the role in August 2015 and was selected for an extension in 2020.

Story ends at 17:10. With comments and video by Ilka Koskimegi.

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