Police: Child victim of Valkeya stabbing scheduled to be questioned this weekend, suspect already questioned

Police are trying to interrogate the victims of the Oulu stabbing this weekend.

Crime Commissioner Marcus Kiskinen The Olu Police Department says the suspect was already interrogated on Saturday. Kiskinen has yet to comment on the content of the investigations.

Police suspect that the 33-year-old man is the same person who tried to kill two children at shopping center Valkea on Thursday.

The police said that the deceased were Finnish nationals of foreign origin, and one of them was seriously injured.

On Friday, the main responsibility of investigating the case was transferred from the Central Crime Branch Police (KRP) to the Olu Police Department. However, according to Kiskinen, the KRP is cooperating closely with the investigation. According to Kiskinen, police are currently investigating a possible hate crime motive.

On the other hand, the suspect was previously active in the Nordic Resistance, a defunct neo-Nazi organization.

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Sebastian Lamsa, a suspect in the Walkea stabbing, is a well-known far-right activist from Oulu.

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