Police worried about violent crimes: “They contribute to radicalisation”

The police expect the number of terrorist movements to increase from the current level.

There have been two stabbing incidents in less than a week in Oulu’s Valkea, where the victims are from migrant backgrounds. Jussi Korhonen

Police worry that violent crimes could be replicated. Oulu has seen two serious acts of violence within a week, the first involving a suspect with a far-right background, and the second involving a young suspect believed to be motivated by racism. According to police, there are indications that the latter act was copied from the previous week’s shopping center stabbing.

Police are asking for tips about low-threshold people who are causing concern in order to break the cycle of crime.

– The actions in Oulu somewhat point to the radicalization of the suspects, and in the worst case, similar actions may be committed. The police are doing everything possible to prevent such activities, says the police inspector Toni Sjöholm Police Bulletin.

One channel for tips is the police netiwingy, whose contact information can be found on the police website. In case of emergency, you should always call the general emergency number.

Also hate crimes and youth crimes

The number of suspected hate crimes rose by a fifth last year. According to a study by the police academy, most of them are related to criminal suspicions, the purpose of which is the ethnic or national background of the victim.

According to the police’s strategic situation report, youth disorder has also increased: the number of crimes where the suspected perpetrators are minors has tripled since 2015.

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Police say they are keeping a close eye on terrorist movements, hate crimes and youth crime. Based on the operational situation report of the police, the number of terrorist movements is expected to increase from the current level. Acceleration of polarization may weaken social cohesion.

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