President Stubb Jokes To Dinner Guests In Estonia: “Mom”

President Alexander Stubb played with Finnish and Estonian in his dinner speech.

President of the Republic Alexander Stubb He made dinner guests laugh with his speech during a state visit to Tallinn. More than a hundred invited guests gathered in Tallinn on Monday evening. The Estonian presidential couple will host a dinner.

Stubb said in his speech that he understood a third of Estonian, misunderstood a third, and did not understand a third. He explained that he would speak in English because there was a risk of misunderstanding between languages.

Stubb gives four examples of how Estonians and Finns can easily understand each other.

Stub’s first example is “Puzzle Day”. He said it was a good thing for Estonians, it was a wedding day.

– For us, this is a day full of problems, a puzzle day. It doesn’t really work. My wife agrees with that, Stubb said, and the audience laughed.

Another example is “mother-in-law”.

– For you it’s a mother-in-law, for us it’s an old, crazy woman. Of course, I don’t, because my mother-in-law hears it, Stubb said.

Stubb raised a toast at the end of his speech. Inca Soweri

Deference to the Chief Officer

According to Stubbs, his third example is a classic: rolitas, which means mold in Estonian, and rolita in Finnish.

– People in the opposition may have accepted your version.

The last example is “baldness”.

– For you it’s a rock, for us it’s my chief of staff Larry ThieralaIt’s bald.

In addition, he entertained the audience by saying that he has an Estonian playlist on Spotify with music from Estonian artists.

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In his speech, Stubb highlighted the closeness of Estonia and Finland in general. Stubb said the proximity of the Baltic Sea and Russia connects Estonia and Finland.

During a previous visit, Stubb said Estonia and Finland had three things in common, namely safety, security and security – to name a few. Zairi Hagamihen In 2007, for a speech that shook the time, Hakamis said that Finland’s three main security challenges were Russia, Russia and Russia.

The three-day state visit continues in Tallinn on Tuesday, before transferring to Dart for the remainder of the trip.

More than a hundred people attended the gala dinner. Inca Soweri

Suzanne Innes-Stubb was at the gala. Inca Soweri

Estonian President Alar Karis and Sirje Karis visited. Pictured with them are Finnish presidential couple Alexander Stubb and Suzanne Innes-Stubb. Inca Soweri

Alexander Stubb and Suzanne Innes-Stubb attended a dinner party in Tallinn on Monday. Inca Soweri

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