Prince William celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday – he sang, danced and jumped

Prince William and his children were at a concert at Wembley Stadium.

Prince William turned 42 yesterday. AOP

Prince William of Wales celebrated his 42nd birthday at London’s Wembley Stadium with a concert by the world’s biggest pop star, Taylor Swift. William was accompanied by his children Prince George, 10, and Princess Charlotte, 9.

On his and Princess Catherine’s shared Instagram account, William posted a photo from yesterday’s concert with Swift. William’s children are also in the picture.

– Thank you Taylor Swift for an amazing evening, Prince wrote in the caption.

William and Charlotte were also seen dancing their hearts out to the singer Shake it off During the song. Father and daughter bounce, dance and sing on the stands on top of the stage to the beat of the song.

William was spotted chatting and laughing with One Direction boy bandmate Louis Tomlinson. After the performance, both of them left the arena together. Tomlinson will soon be seen in Finland on July 7 on the main stage at Ruisrock.

A happy birthday photo of William and his children was also released yesterday. In the film, the family jumps hand in hand on a sunny beach landscape. The picture was taken by Princess Catherine.

Swift is currently on a massive tour Eras Tour On his tour across Europe. The tour is known as the most profitable music tour of all time Eras Tour Crossed a billion.

Taylor Swift’s massive The Eras Tour is currently touring Europe. Joel Garrett

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