Prince William is back at work – described as exceptionally serious

Prince William stepped down from royal duties after news of his wife's cancer.

Prince William is back at work. He helped in the kitchen among other things. AOP

Prince William is back in the public eye. William was seen on diplomatic missions for the first time on Thursday after his wife, Princess Catherine, was diagnosed with cancer.

Prince William visited the Hanworth Center Hub youth center and Surplus to Supper charity in London.

William helped sort the food and load the food supplies into the car. The system provides food that is wasted to the vulnerable.

Prince William returned to diplomatic duties on Thursday, April 18. The often smiling William was portrayed as more serious this time around. AOP

William is said to be stepping back from his royal duties for a while to focus on his family. The public reports that the family is now adjusting to their new situation with Catherine's diagnosis, and for example, the five were not seen at the British court's traditional Easter expense.

On April 11, William broke his long silence on social media.

William, who follows football avidly, praised England Women's National Football Team and retired star player Rachel Daly in his release.

Prince William has been supportive of his wife. AOP

Source: CBC News

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