Putin cannot lose a war

In an interview with Bild, Viktor Orbán recounted his discussions with Vladimir Putin.

As the sole EU leader, Russia and especially Vladimir Putin Prime Minister of Hungary who are friends Victor Orban Describes his trip to Moscow in the past few weeks, German newspaper In an interview with Bild.

On Friday, Orban met Putin in the Kremlin for what he called a “peace mission.” The meeting caused great turmoil among EU leaders, as Orbán’s Hungary currently holds the presidency of the EU and he did not receive authorization from the European Council for his meeting.

– In the coming months, things will get worse on the front. More weapons are available and the Russians are more determined, Orban justified his visit.

According to Orbán, the number of victims in the next two or three months “will be more brutal than in the last seven months”.

Before his meeting with Putin, Orban was visited by the Ukrainian president in Kiev Volodymyr Zelenskyin talking

According to Orban, it is time to move “from the politics of war to the politics of peace.”

– The main argument is the loss of human life. This is the most important moral motivation. But with it comes Europe’s own interest, because what is happening there is very bad for us.

In order to end the war, Orban wants to talk to the main actors of the war: Ukraine, Russia, the United States, the European Union and China.

On July 5, Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin. EPA-EFE/VIVIEN CHER BENKO/Press Office Handbook of the Prime Minister of Hungary

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A great sacrifice

In an interview with Bild, Orbán refrained from criticizing Russia, but at the same time made strong accusations against Europe.

– I am sorry to say this, but Europe also has a policy of war.

Orban demanded that Europe break away from the US and “pursue independent politics” because the biggest casualty of the war in Ukraine is “the European economy and the European people,” according to him.

According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, the war will not be resolved on the front. So, his message to Moscow and Kiev was to start peace talks.

– We want peace, stop killing each other. Let’s start negotiations, Orban said.

Orban and Putin smiled after their meeting. EPA/Yuri Kochetkov


According to Orban, both Putin and Zelensky have a clear vision of how the war will end in victory.

However, he said that Russia could not be defeated in war.

– Putin cannot lose when it comes to players, equipment and technology. Defeating Russia in front is hard to imagine.

Orban said he asked both Zelensky and Putin about the losses caused by Ukraine and Russia.

– Both were willing to give only the victim statistics of the other party. They say nothing of their own losses.

According to Bild, Orban believes Putin also wants the killing to stop.

– Everyone knows that in principle, it would be better if no Russian or Ukrainian died.

He praised himself

Orban said he understood Russia well. He also mentioned the former chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel As a person who understood the activities of Russia.

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– Few people in the world know more about Russia than Hungarians and especially their Prime Minister Orban said.

– I know Russians. They are different from us. They have different history, different culture, different instincts and attitudes. A different understanding of freedom and a different understanding of national sovereignty.

According to Orbán, Merkel thought the same. Putin would not have attacked Ukraine if Merkel had still been chancellor, the prime minister said.

Orban has faith in current politicians To Donald TrumpBecause it is “a matter of peace”.

– He is a man who has made his own life. He has a different approach to everything. I think it is good for world politics.

According to Orbán, Donald Trump is “in the cause of peace” and can resolve the war in Ukraine. EPA/AOP

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