Raiska’s wife hears someone screaming for help – family with two children killed in early morning in Tampere

An act of violence targeted a family with two children in Linnainma district in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Kady and Mika say the family is a normal family and they have no regrets. Juha Veli Jokinen

A quiet and peaceful residential area in Tampere’s Linnainma district has been rocked by crime on Saturday morning.

The Interior Finland Police Department announced on Saturday that they are investigating the morning’s brutal act of violence, including four attempted murders. Incumbent Inquiry Manager Juha Siljamaki It was confirmed to Iltalehti that the suspected assassination attempts targeted a family that included two children. The suspected perpetrator died and the injured family members were hospitalized.

– I left the house at 9 o’clock and saw police tapes at the edge of the woods and various bags that police investigators had found in the area. At night we slept, and the rain fell and hushed the rustling sounds, Medium And Mika Say it from their balcony in the apartment next door, covered in police tape.

– The family is fine, as far as I have seen, it is a normal family and has been living here for a long time. About 6-7 years, they say they lived in a quiet area for ten years.

Three “help” cries

Meeting in Iltalethi’s courtyard travel He takes the reporter to his house, where he and his wife recount the events of the night. Reiska looks like a balcony.

– I looked out the window and heard three “help” cries. I think it was a man’s pained voice. I wondered if I should call the police, the screams were so frightening, Reiska’s wife says, and says she woke up when the family’s baby was just a few weeks old.

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– Then at least two police cars and ambulances arrived, and after a while, guards in white crime investigator’s suits went through the woods and yard, a couple of early-morning events.

Reiska looks from the balcony of her house to the neighbor’s apartment, which the police investigate. Three strong cries for help were heard from the apartment. Juha Veli Jokinen

“No problem in the family”

A person who lives near the family’s residence confirms that the violent neighbor has had no regrets over the years.

– I myself have lived seven years, they may be a little less. Yes, this family is a normal Finnish family, no problem.

Police tape was placed in front of the family’s apartment door. Juha Veli Jokinen

After 4:00, the man’s son woke his father when police cars arrived in the yard.

– I myself came home at two o’clock and woke up to my son’s wake-up call around 04:15-04:30, when four or five police cars drove into the yard. Then I didn’t go further because I was too tired, says the neighbor.

A resident of the area, who wishes to remain anonymous, says incidents are being speculated in the residential area throughout the day on Saturday.

– I assume the suspect fled to the woods and died there. He says Mexico has been searched since morning and the area has been cordoned off with police tape all day.

Woodland in the area where the police tapes and technical investigation took place. Juha Veli Jokinen

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