Real Estate Agents: The Star Wars Situation in the Housing Market

Apartment buyers are having cat days right now, realtors are watching.

The intention of consumers to buy apartments is increasing. Steep Vesa

Now is a good time to buy an apartment. This is what Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjät ry (SKVL) assesses.

– I would say the situation is similar to Episode IV “New Hope” of the Star Wars movies.

– There is confidence in the housing market, and home buyers and especially sellers are on the move, but there is still a long way to go before the situation improves, CEO of SKVL Jussie Mannerberg Describes the market position of the association Bulletin.

However, the housing market is still not back to normal. The roller coaster-like movement of demand and price has been going on for four years.

According to Statistics Finland’s recently published forecast, consumer confidence and intentions to purchase an apartment within the year clearly rose in spring and early summer.

SKVL’s indicator describing sellers’ willingness to sell also rose strongly. The indicator describing SKVL’s buyers’ willingness to buy is in a good position.

Buyers in the home market now have a lot of choices.

– This is partly because trading is slowing down somewhat and options are being weighed in the long term, Mannerberg commented in the press release.

The European Central Bank cut key interest rates by 0.25 percent in early June. The fall in interest rates has not affected the housing market much so far.

The most sought-after apartments are single-family homes built in the 21st century, renovated older homes and new terraced homes.

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