Reitman won the government’s support in the polls, but the credibility of the policy suffers in the eyes of citizens

Economic Affairs Minister Wille Rydman attended a plenary session of Parliament during his vote of confidence.

Photo: Miko Stick/Lehtigua

Parliament voted 92-76 to vote for Economy Minister Wille Reitman (ps.). From the opposition parties, the Left Alliance, the Green Party and the SDP asked in a mid-term question that Reidman could not continue as a minister because his conduct was unbecoming of a minister. The central government separately passed a no-confidence vote on the entire government.

According to the constitution, the minister must be a Finnish citizen of known integrity and competence. The open design accommodates moral and social perspectives, which are essential when assessing the merits of a reitman.

The vote of confidence has its origins in news from Helsing’s Sanomat, where Rietman is said to have inappropriately approached young women. After an initial investigation by police, prosecutors decided not to charge the newspaper’s editors, the women who had told them about his activities, or Raidman.

You like media And can be criticized in Finnish open democracy. Reidman has the right to defend himself when details of his actions are reported in a negative light. However, Reidman has publicly attacked the media and individual journalists, even after prosecutors found the newspaper’s story to be true, and did not consider it fabricated.

It’s fair to compare Will Reitman’s behavior to the text message scandal of spring 2008, when Ilka Kanerva lost political credibility over semi-naughty text messages he sent to an erotic dancer. After the uproar, Kanerva had to resign as foreign minister.

By Wille Wrightman Political credibility has put the ruling parties in a dilemma. When voting for Rietman, their representatives had to vote against the dissolution of the government, but at the same time accept all of Rietman’s actions.

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A very difficult matter for representatives of the Christian Democrats and the RKP. At worst, they are now suspected of allowing the sexual attraction of underage girls when they voted for Reidman’s political beliefs.

The leadership of the Alliance and the RKP have said Wille Wrightman will not be able to serve as their party’s minister this summer. Representatives of Rietman’s current party, the Basic Finns, on the other hand, have largely avoided taking responsibility for the uproar and have not questioned Rietman’s suitability as a minister.

By Wille Wrightman Of course, activities are related to personal life and free time. However, the minister’s conduct must be evaluated broadly, in that his privacy protection is less than that of an ordinary citizen. Second, the Minister of Economic Affairs represents Finland abroad, and it is not important for Finland’s reputation what kind of ministers we have.

Ultimately, the whole jubaca is about political culture, meaning more than an individual ministerial position. What has come to light further undermines the credibility of politics and trust in the minds of citizens.

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