Rennie and Johanna Harlin have a baby

Rennie and Johanna Harlin have a second child.

Harleen now has two children. Sami Kusivirtha

Supervisor Rennie HarlinHis wife Johanna, 30, 65, has a baby boy.

Both talk about it On Instagram.

The couple says they rushed to the hospital when the baby was announced in the middle of a tropical night.

– You are a perfect baby boy and our life will never be the same again.

The child was born in Miami, USA, which means the child automatically gets US citizenship.

The couple got married in 2021. They celebrated their wedding in St. Tropez, France, earlier that fall. The magnificent wedding lasted for three days.

Their first child, daughter Coco, was born in July 2022. Plus, Rennie already has an adult. Luke– Son.

Harleen's family also includes the Myy dog, a cockapoo breed.

In recent years, Renny Harlin has spoken extensively about his career and personal life in his biography and his third production season. Harlins – a reality TV series that follows the daily lives of Rennie and Johanna.

Harlin is one of Finland's most successful film directors. In his long career, he has directed many Hollywood films Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2 And The Long Kiss Goodnight. Apart from Hollywood films, he has also directed films in China and Europe.

It's Johanna Harl's first Mother's Day. MTV

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