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Noho Partners on Wednesday announced an updated strategy and financial targets for 2025-2027. The aim is to be the leading restaurant company in Northern Europe and to increase revenues to 400 million euros in Finland.

In Finland, Noho expects new openings in already strongly represented cities such as Helsinki and Tampere, he says. Länsiväylän Sister magazine with.

Deputy CEO Jarno Suminen Big cities have something to take away, because Finns’ restaurant scene is steadily growing. In 2000, 60 percent of Finns did not go to restaurants, now only 20 percent of them do. At the same time, the number of people eating out multiple times a week is increasing.

As a growth move, Hook Restaurant will scale, and the goal is to open 30-50 new locations in Finland. The Hook is an American-style wing restaurant and sports bar with an evening focus. In Helsinki, Hook works at Kisahalli.

A number of chicken food chains have come to Finland in recent years, such as Chicken Joint and Beautiful Boy Wingery. One of Hook’s fiercest rivals, Sibyvekot, has also returned to Helsinki.

In projects The night club side is also strengthening. Noho has already done just that by buying offices from the financially troubled Night People Group, with new openings in the center of Helsinki, including nightclub No Name and Helsinki Camping built around mini golf.

At the moment, nightclub business is declining, and Noho has said it will give up the lease on Kaivohuone.

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