RKP’s new leader Anders Adlergrutz: Let’s cooperate with basic Finns | principle

Anders Adlercreutz, the RKP’s new leader-elect, says the party needs to “clear its path” and define its goals more precisely.

Anders Adlercreutz won the confidence of the party people and was elected leader. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

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The new chairman of the RKB is the Minister for Europe and Rights Guidance Anders Adlergrutz. He is the third term Member of Parliament from Kirkkonummi. Adlerkrits has also served as chairman of the RKB’s parliamentary committee.

Adlercreutz’s counter-candidate was a first-time member of parliament Otto Andersen. Andersen is the chairman of the Swedish Parliamentary Committee.

Adlercreutz received 183 votes and Anderson 84. 267 voters were eligible.

  • The president showed the election live Yle Arena.
  • Watch the new president’s press conference Yle Arena.

– I am very grateful for the trust I received from you today. The newly elected leader told the party congress that RKP has a great job in the Finnish party field.

Adlercreutz said that we are the only liberal center-right alternative in Finland.

– A party that builds the future not on fear but on solutions. Who does not believe in the power of conflict, but who believes in the ability to carry bridges. It is needed today.

Sitting Chairman Anna-Maja Henriksson Abandoned the job. He was elected as the RKP’s representative to the European Parliament. Adlercreutz thanked Henriksen for serving as president during difficult times.

Anna-Maja Henriksson takes a group photo of herself and Ia and Anders Adlergrutz and Otto Andersen and Anna Abrahamsson.

Anna-Maja Henriksson took a group photo of herself, Ia and Anders Adlergrutz and Otto Andersen and Anna Abrahamsson. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

Adlercreutz: “We must clarify our line”

Shortly after his election, Adlercreutz rushed to his first press conference as president.

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– A long spring in many ways. In a sense, RKP is in a challenging situation in the political field. Other parties are sliding to the outer fringes and the RKP as a liberal party in the middle is in a challenging situation, Adlercreutz told the press conference.

The leader’s campaign has provided insight into how RKP can respond to Finland’s challenges, says the leader. He believes that RKP can bring Finns’ confidence in the future and solutions.

Anders Adlergrutz was elected as the new chairman of the RKB.

– Other parties are sliding to the outer edges and the RKP as a liberal party in the center is in a challenging situation, Adlercreutz said at the press conference. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

– We need to clarify our line. We need to define more precisely what we are aiming for. Sometimes it can be even closer to the red lines, Adlergrutz said.

The new leader sees that voters may not have been clear about what the RKP stands for and what the party’s mission is. Adlercreutz says that the government should rely on the government plan and adhere to the rules of the game.

The chief says there is more discontent than last season

Not everyone was satisfied with the last government either, but now the discontent is stronger, the leader estimates.

– The previous government had different views on employment and economy. Now it’s all about questions of value, which makes the conflict all the more challenging.

The government’s collaboration with fundamentalist Finns has divided the RKP’s party population.

– Yes, it will last, Adlercreutz answered the question of whether the RKP will withstand cooperation with the basic Finns.

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Opposition parties question economy minister By Wille Wrightman hope RKP intends to vote in favor of continuing the government.

– We do not see that Wrightman can be a member of our Parliamentary Committee or the Council of Ministers. The case is complicated.

– This is above all an internal question of basic Finns. We take it seriously and we hope they take it seriously too, says Adlercreutz.

Adlercreutz’s election and Henriksen’s departure to the European Parliament lead to changes in the party’s ministers. Adlercreutz wants to take the portfolio of Minister of Education.

Anders Adlercreutz hugs his wife Ia, Otto Andersson hugs his wife Anna Abrahamsson.

Anders Adlercreutz hugs his wife Ia, Otto Andersson hugs his wife Anna Abrahamsson. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

A third contestant withdrew

Member of Parliament and Vice President of the Party Henrik Wikstrom Resigned as RKB Chairman. On the morning of the second day of the party conference, Wikstrom announced that support was insufficient.

– I will now go to the line and focus on parliamentary work, but I will not be a wall rose. I am always available for various tasks in the party if decided in the party meeting.

Wikstrom did not apply for another term as vice president. Vice Presidents were elected Sandra Bergquist, Silja Borkarsdóttir Sandlin And Rameeza Mahdi.

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