Russia ready to arm North Korea – threat ‘incredibly worrying’

The US State Department is concerned about a joint deal between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

The United States is concerned about the joint accord signed by Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Wednesday. The US fears that Russia will start supplying North Korea with weapons that will “destabilize the Korean Peninsula”.

Speaking in Vietnam on Thursday, Putin said he would not rule out supplying North Korea with weapons. He said the deal was the result of Western support for Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the US State Department Matthew Miller He says the threat is “incredibly worrying”.

– It could destabilize the Korean Peninsula and violate UN Security Council resolutions, which Russia has backed, Miller says, AFP news agency.

The West accused North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with munitions and missiles. Defense Minister of South Korea Shin Won-Sikin By North Korea has delivered at least 10,000 containers to Russia, believed to contain explosives and other weapons. According to Reuters, fragments of North Korean missiles have been found at least in the Kharkiv region.

Russia, on the other hand, fears helping North Korea develop nuclear weapons technology. According to AFP, a Japanese government spokesman says the country is “deeply concerned” that the agreement does not exclude military technical cooperation.

Putin And Kim signed a “comprehensive strategic partnership agreement” in Pyongyang on Wednesday, which includes a clause on mutual assistance. This clause is reminiscent of NATO’s fifth article on collective security. According to some experts, the text resembles a formal security agreement, not just a “collective agreement”.

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Putin and Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang on Wednesday. GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / Sputnik / Kremlin Pool, EPA / AOP

South Korea is reconsidering its position

In Vietnam on Thursday, Putin warned South Korea not to supply arms to Ukraine. South Korea’s government said earlier on Thursday it was reconsidering its position on sending weapons to Ukraine after North Korea and Russia signed an agreement.

South Korea has a long-standing policy of refusing to supply weapons to conflict zones, and has remained steadfast in its stance despite calls from the United States and Ukraine.

South Korea’s National Security Adviser Song Ho-jin He condemned the Russia-North Korea security pact and promised similar measures.

– We are going to review the issue of arms assistance to Ukraine, Chang said.

Miller says, “Each country has to make its own decision about whether it’s going to supply weapons to Ukraine.”

– We welcome all support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression, says Miller.

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