Russia’s strange activity on the Estonian border

Estonian Public Radio reported a border incident in Estonia.

A view across the Narva River to the Russian quarter of Ivangorod. Stock photo from 2022. Andres Dees

During the night, Russian border officials removed buoys placed in Estonian waters to mark the ship’s route. Estonian public radio company ERR reported the matter. According to the media, the Estonian police and border guards are waiting for Russia’s explanation on the matter and the return of the floats.

Estonian border authority Eric Burkel He told ERR that floats are placed at Narvajoki every spring. Buoys are needed to prevent Estonian fishermen or other hobbyists from getting lost in Russian waters. The Narva River runs along the border between Estonia and Russia.

– Before the war started by Russia, the placement of floats in Ukraine was mostly mutually agreed, but since 2023, Russia has not accepted Estonia’s position regarding the placement of floats, Burkel told ERR.

Estonia took about 50 floats to the side of the river on 13 May. At three o’clock in the morning on Thursday, May 23, Estonian border guards observed Russian border officials removing the floats.

Prime Minister of Estonia Gaja Galla Addressing a government press conference today on Thursday, he said that the details of the border clashes are currently being worked out.

– We approach the matter calmly, if necessary, we talk to our partners. “We see a broader picture here of Russia trying to sow unrest with its actions,” Kallas said.

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