Sambo Kaulanan posted a picture of his beloved Mintu’s butt – and some people went crazy

Sambo and Mintu Kaulanen posted vacation photos from their trip to Bali.

Sambo Goulanan’s photo of mint lover has caught the attention of many social media followers. Minna Jalowara

An entrepreneurial couple known through television Sambo45, and Mintu Koulanen, 44, is currently vacationing in Bali, Indonesia. Goulastan’s 8-year-old daughter is also on vacation.

The couple posted photos of their vacation on Instagram. In one of the photos taken by Sambo, Mintu is sitting on a sun lounger next to the pool. Mintu leaned forward slightly towards the phone in her hand. The position and angle emphasize the shape of Mindu’s butt in the black swimsuit.

– A social media influencer who creates content. The question is, who among us is more influential: the kinky husband or the hot wife?, Sambo writes with a funny smiley.

If the link is not visible, you can view the output From here.

Sambo’s release has sent his social media followers into a frenzy. While some catch the entrepreneur’s witty title, many admire Mindu’s body.

– Beautiful and warm mint.

– Absolutely stunning!

– Beautiful tears, good picture.

– The most beautiful and hot thing is when a man admires his own woman and burns on fire. Excellent.

– Go and love one another.

The couple also posted an introductory video of their hotel room on their social media. The hotel room has, among other things, a large wardrobe, a bathtub and a private swimming pool. In addition, the large hotel has a large pool area and a view of the sea.

If the link is not visible, you can view the output From here.

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The couple met each other Agreement– In the description of the program. The couple got married in 2012. Both have children from their previous relationships: Mintulla has two and Sambo has one.

Sambo and Mintu Kaulanan set the tone for Iltalehde about their past year. Video from December 2019. Minna Jalowara

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