Sarah Forsberg posed with plastic containers on her breasts – a bold detail that drew attention

Radio presenters Sarah Forsberg and Oku Lukkainen accepted the costume challenge.

Oku Luukkainen and Sara Forsberg recently represented at Radiogala. I nodded

The host couple Sarah Forsberg29, and Oku Lukainen, 38, surprise with their clothes. The duo posed in nothing but trash for a costume challenge on Hitmix's official Instagram account.

Forsberg's warrior-like outfit is made from cardboard waste. The presenter's skirt is made from, among other things, milk cans and egg and egg cartons. Forsberg's head is adorned with a cardboard crown and on his feet are white shoes made of the same material. Her breasts are covered with large cardboard plates.

Lukkainen's dress, on the other hand, was made of orange plastic packaging. The upper part of the ornament forms a V-opening. One side of the ornament is shorter than the other. A short-legged leg is decorated with a leg warmer in plastic packaging. According to some social media commentators, Lukkainen's outfit is that of a samurai or Transformerscharacter.

If the link is not visible, you can view the output From here.

In no time the comment section of the post was flooded with amused and admiring messages. Social followers decide which host's outfit is best.

Some have also drawn attention to the tissue paper sleeve in Forsberg's crotch.

– I was a little scared to see Saru's scroll. But Ogu is somehow better this time because he has a good complexion.

– Sarah [on parempi] That's because the club hangs from the crotch.

– Somehow that plastic trash looks fashionable.

– Well, now the “warrior princess” is blindfolded but the “samurai” washes.

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– Points for essence.

In particular, Forsberg has previously been surprising with his home selections. In July 2023, the presenter posted a series of photos on her Instagram account, in one of which she posed in an outfit made of straws. In other photos from the collection, Forsberg appears in outfits made from bubble wrap and napkins. The photo shoot is related to the clothing challenge.

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