School shooter's parents go to prison in US –

The decision concerns the 2021 shooting in Michigan, where a teenage boy killed four people at a local school.

The now 17-year-old shooter has already been sentenced to life in prison for four murders.

– Parents are not expected to be psychopaths, but these judgments are not made for bad parents. These punishments were given for actions or, above all, the lack of actions that could have prevented the collision with the train, the judge reasoned. Cheryl Matthews.

14-year-old boy dies in school shooting Hana St Julian's The father said before the verdict that the school shooting had destroyed a large part of his soul.

– I lost the chance to hold her or her future children in my arms, Steve St. Juliana lamented.

Bought son a gun as an early Christmas present

In the Finnish legal system the parents were deemed to have committed acts equivalent to murder or causing death in some way.

The parents got their son a gun, which allegedly killed the boy. According to the court, the parents did not take into account the boy's mental health problems.

The mother told the court that the boy's father had bought a gun as an initial gift of the Nattar festival and the mother had taken the boy to the shooting range. The mother said it was the father's responsibility to store the gun at home. According to Amma, the rifle should be used only on the range.

According to the mother, she would never have believed what her son had done.

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According to the indictment, the parents were called to the school the same day of the shooting. The teacher finds a violent painting on the boy's desk.

The school urged the parents to seek help for the boy.

He returned to class because the parents did not take their child home.

Following this, he went to the bathroom and came out with a gun, firing the gun a total of 30 times.

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